Assignment On Organizational Behavior Problems

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Bachelor of BusinessTrimester 2, 2017Student Name:Student ID:Subject Name: Organisational BehaviourSubject ID: BM202Date Due:Professor Name:Page |1
Journal Log 1: Week 3: Individual values, perception, and reaction1.J.B. Avey, F. Luthans and S. M. Jensen (2009) article, Psychological capital: A positiveresource for combating employee stress and turnover.Human resourcemanagement,48(5), 677-693[ CITATION Ave09 \l 1033 ].2.J. B.Avey, R. J.Reichard, F.Luthans and K. H. Mhatre (2011) Metaanalysis of the impactof positive psychological capital on employee attitudes, behaviors, andperformance.Human resource development quarterly,22(2), 127-152[ CITATION Ave11 \l1033 ].3.Lambert, E. G., Hogan, N. L., & Griffin, M. L. (2007) The impact of distributive andprocedural justice on correctional staff job stress, job satisfaction, and organizationalcommitment.Journal of Criminal Justice,35(6), 644-656[ CITATION Lam071 \l 1033 ].1.Identify the organisational behaviour problemManaging stress at workplaces has become a most critical issue that dampensproductivity and efficiency with which a job is being performed.Handling behavioral, psychological and medical issues associated with stress.Often employees experience increasing medical and psychological problemsPage |2
arising from stress that can lead to long-term impacts on health and psychology ofthe individual.Managing consequences of performances, attitudes and burnout syndrome2.Outline the symptoms of the organizational behaviour problem:Behavioral problems at workplace includes strife, conflicts, abuse and othernegative behaviour that can dampen work environment.Medical issues with advanced stress and burnouts are multiple as there is a relatedcosts associated with such symptoms.Psychological issues are immense with work related burnout factors.3.Document the impact of the organizational problem:Low levels of productivity can lower overall organisational productivity levels.Low employee engagement can decrease motivation and deter attainingorganisation objectives.Lower levels of commitment can lead to long term potential impacts on theorganisation leading to inefficiency.Page |3
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