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AssignmentPoints: 100 If you choose to begin with your midterm project website, make sure you apply a masterpage as specified below to all pages in your site. It may be easier to create a new website and copy your page content from your midterm project into the content place holder in the corresponding pages in the new website. General Information: Create a web site not a project Use the Visual C# template and select ASP.NET Empty Web Site For all pages place the code in a separate file Since you have better ASP.NET skills now that you did at the time you created your Midterm project, you might want to clean up your code/styling Make sure you use the HTML5 structure elements and the box model Make sure Default.aspx is the default document at the root of your site Name your new web pages as specified below (you must have a Default.aspx and Contact.aspx). You can select the name for all other pages in your site Specifications: 1. Your site should have at least 5 .aspx pages (10 points). 2. Create a masterpage and place it in a MasterPage folder (15 points). The masterpage should contain you site layout using HTML5 structure elements (header, nav, aside, section, footer) and box model as specified in Chapter 3. b. Attach the external style sheet in your masterpage. 3. In addition to your main navigation (either horizontal or vertical), include a SiteMapPath control on each page so a bread crumb trail appears on each page of your site. This control should be part of the masterpage (15 points) 4. Create a Contact.aspx page that includes at least 10 server controls (15 points). Collect name, phone, email address, mailing address and comments, you can include others if you wish. All fields are required (except comments) – use required field validators. See chapter 9. Validate the email address. See chapter 9. Use a validation summary. See chapter 9. There should be a button click event that validates the values and displays the submitted information to the page. 5. Include jQuery functionality on the Default page. There are many simple jQuery interactions you can include in your site (Chapter 11 and (15 points). 6. Create a database and connect it to your site, use a GridView to display the data from the database. See chapter 12 and chapter 13. (15 points).

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