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Assignment. Pont Du Gard analysis. The structural perfo

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Pont Du Gard analysisThe structural performance of the bridge is excellent, and the flood has reached three-fourth ofthe first tier height approximately, but the durability of the structure has maintained the stability,strength and aesthetic look of the bridge. The loading path is a mechanism of an arch in whichthe forces acts on the arch are transferred by the arch as compression forces and when the forcesreach the element of import then horizontally forces cancel out and lastly the forces down intothe piers (Chanson et al., 2015). The simple rule is followed by Romans that is the basic rule ofthumb due to which semi-circle arches were used in the Roman Empire. It is assumed that theacting loads will not lead to the structure failure and it is supported by the foundation. Thedynamics of the bridge design comprises of semi-circle arches in which the top arch is 4.80 meach and high 7.40m and the water channel of 1.20 wide with 1.70 height (Retrieved 12 February2017 et al., 2017). The structure has greatly overdesigned which stressed less than but thestructure could have built with the less material. The results were also astonishing because itdoes not only strengthen the concrete, but it also minimizes the defects of water. The structure isdurable as it maintains strength without failing with the flow of stream and water (Norwich et al.,2014). The issue is related to the environmental problems and maintaining the aqueduct becausethe carbonates precipitated out of the water through the conduit at the time of journey whichreduced the flow of water and it is the sustainability issue which needs to be maintained. It isrecommended to improve the protective measures towards the water pollution in order to providefresh water to the people and sustainability measure must be taken for maintaining the wateravailability for future generation.Following are the ten questions:
1.In which period the construction has been started and who was the constructor?2.Who has designed Pont Du Gard Bridge and how the location has been selected forbuilding the bridge?3.What are the environment conditions which were considered at the time of building thebridge?4.What were the materials used to build the bridge?5.How the arch structure was improved by the Romans?6.What was the total cost of building the bridge and who was the owner?7.How the geometrical and technical drawings including foundation supports to developthe durable bridge?8.What was the type of construction and what was the main reason for building the bridge?9.What was the location advantage for developing the bridge at the edge of Gardon River?10.How the examination of Pont Du Gard Bridge has been done and what are the propertiesof bridge?
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