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Running head: POST COLONIAL STUDY OF HO CHI MINH CITYPost Colonial Study of Ho Chi Minh CityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1POST COLONIAL STUDY OF HO CHI MINH CITYIn this essay, development of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam is studied as a postcolonialdeveloping city. The postcolonial cities are the term referred to the cities in the modern society,which have been affected by the effects of colonization, by the western colonizers. The effectsthat these colonial developments had on the general history and the development of the city areone of the major topics of study (King, 2016). Flâneur is a concept introduced by CharlesBaudelaire is a concept of a third person view of the development of a city, in the perspective ofa curious and lazy individual. A flaneur is therefore an observer of the city tracing its societyenvironment and art through their perspective. This perspective focuses more on giving anaccount of the city from a perspective of its present identity rather than getting involved in thedepth of the study of history and development (Nuvolati, 2014). The study analyses thedevelopment of the Ho Chi Minh City in the postcolonial era and its development through thepostcolonial era and the importance of the cultural colonization on the development of the city.The essay also brings to light the portrayal of the city in different movies and forms of media andthe importance of its portrayal. The essay also overlooks the postcolonial development of the citytaking into account the multiculturalism and the influences of the ethnicity and globalization onthe growth and development of the city.The growth of multiculturalism in the present world has brought about a major change inthe societies around the world. The most important changes that have been observed around theworld through time among the colonial cities are balance they have maintained with their ethnicand the modern identity. There are a number of cities around the world who can claim to be thecolonial cities as almost the whole world was the colony of five to seven countries duringdifferent spans of time. The colonizers did not pay much heed to the development and themodernization but the cities where they lived still acquired the culture of the colonists. Ho Chi
2POST COLONIAL STUDY OF HO CHI MINH CITYMinh City is the capital of Vietnam, which was once a colony of French and went through a gorycivil war and the war with the American. Even though, one does not try to observe the historicalperspective of the city it is tough to ignore the impact of the wars on the city, culture and theminds of the people. The overall development of the people in the cities of these countries hasbeen dependent on a number of factors such as the overall duration of colonization and the effectof colonization on the local culture (Kim, 2016).After gaining the independence from the French Colonization, the children of these citiesgradually developed into the modern cities with harsh memories of the American war and thecivil war that ensued in the country post independence. The city like every city developed in thepostcolonial age shows a stark contrast between the old city sticking to its ethnic backgroundsand the developed center of the city. The city of Ho Chi Minh developed with time keeping atouch to its ethnic roots and there are a number of things that can be explored in the city otherthan the architecture or the history. Vietnam was one of the rare French colonies and thearchitecture of the places developed during the age of French colonialism show a view ofmagnificence of the architecture of the era (Kim, 2016).Ho chi Minh, being one of the oriental cities, which had a great mix of culture due to thepeople settling here from various social and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, a walk around thecity seems like a walk between different cultures learning and understanding different culturesand ethnicities. It is also a developmental walk through the developmental state that the city wasin through various time periods in the history. The city has everything to exemplify amulticultural society be it socially or economically (Peiser, 2016). The city has highly developedcommercial areas, the French centre, which is the reminiscent of it, time under the French rule,the china town and the poverty-stricken areas too. A walk through the streets of Ho Chi Minh
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