Assignment - Problem Solving Assignment.

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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Assignment - Problem Solving AssignmentDue Date:20 Apr 18 16:00 AESTVia TurnitinLearning Outcomes Assessed:1, 2, 3, 4Weight:25% 100Criteria & Marking:An assessment rubric for this item is attached here, but in briefthe problem-solving analyses will be assessed on their clarity,brevity, currency, relevance and understanding of the chapterreadings of the designated weeks. Review the rubric carefullybefore starting.Description:Length:1800 words [ 3 x 600 word (approx.) module-based learning problem analyses (covering Modules 1-3) ]The module-based learning problems address the core materialcovered in each module in the textbook, lectures and otherreadings and learning experiences. They are designed around ascenario in each module and you are required to draft and submita 600 word response to the questions asked and issues raised inrelation to each scenario.Typically, you should use your 600 words for each of the threeproblems to answer these questions:a. What are the main media law issues that arise in this scenario?b. Explain briefly how those laws and possible defences mightapply.c. What cases / examples / legislation are relevant to thissituation?d. Assuming your goal is to try to publish as much of the materialas is legally allowable, what course of action would you
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