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Product BacklogPart A: 4 PointsIn preparation for creating the Team Charter, write a paragraph, what it is, why it isimportant to a project and a team and what content should be in it.A team charter is a document that is formulated in a group setting to show the direction of theteam while at the same time establishing certain boundaries. It also educates other people byinforming them of the group purpose and objectives. The team charter contains various sectionslike group purpose, stakeholders involved, team members and each of their responsibilities, howdecisions will be made and team name. It also tells one the life span of the team, howcommunication is to be done, and the financial requirements1.Part B: Watch the following 3You-Tube videosPart C: 12 PointsBased on the You-Tube video, answer the following questions.1.According to Raj, requirements changes are inevitable in Software Development.One of the major problems of traditional software development is change resistancementality. How does agile methodology allow for requirements changes?There is change resistance mentality in traditional software development as it is viewedto be costly. Customers are therefore charged for adding additional requirements once theproject has started2. Agile allows new ideas to be incorporated at any time as the projectprogresses, without passing unnecessary costs to the customer. Ideas emerge at any timeand agile gives leeway for this; hence, customers do not have to be worried about strictchange control3.1Aaron, Joshua R., William C. McDowell, and Andrew O. Herdman. "The effects of a team charter on student team behaviors."Journal ofEducation for Business89, no. 2 (2014): 90-97.2Rajamanickam, M. “4.Seven Reasons for Agile: Reason No: 2”. Posted [ December 2013]., Philippe. "Contextualizing agile software development."Journal of Software: Evolution and Process25, no. 4 (2013): 351-361.
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