The Programming Paradigms : Assignment

Added on - Sep 2019

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Assignment-Programming paradigmsModule TitleProgramming ParadigmsAssessment No1Assignment TitleProgramming a Parser in different paradigmsLearning Objectives Assessed1.Evaluate software languages in regards to their suitability for application within a particular domain2.Develop software systems using varying programming paradigms3.Apply design patterns in the development of a software system4.Effectively implement a test driven approach in the process of developing softwareSubmission InformationSubmit a report with your commentary on the code and any code-listings (two per solution, plus testing-code) inPDF format.You will also demonstrate the functionality of each solution you created, in the lab.Extensions and PlagiarismExtensionsExtensions can only be granted by Dr Linda Rayner, Head of Departmentat least 48 hours in advance of thedeadline(by appointment through the Departmental Administrator), and written evidence will be required. Late work ispenalised at the rate of 10% per day.PlagiarismThe material you submit must be your own work. The penalties for plagiarism are severe. The minimum penalty isusually zero for that piece of work.Further information is available at Portal > Support Departments > Academic Quality Support Services > AcademicMalpracticeAssignment BriefPart I - ProgrammingThis assignment requires you to read and parse a text file, collected from a GPS unit (and provided in Moodle), andextract the sequence of latitude and longitude pairs from the recorded information. The lines in the file representreadings taken from the GPS unit as the user travelled along a path.
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