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Assignment QuestionsBackground Instructions:All learning outcomes will be assessed. This summative assessment represents 50% of totalmodule marks.Carefully read the case study given below and the assignment questions before answeringthe questions. You need to undertake additional environmental and academic research beyond thiscase study.The report should be submitted on the Student Portal along with a Turnitin ReportA Case of Red Carnation Hotels [i]Hospitality is what makes Red Carnation tick. A family-owned and run business, it offers luxury,award-winning boutique hotels across the UK and the Channel Islands, Ireland, South Africa,Switzerland and the USA, and a country gastro-pub in Dorset. The Hotels started in South Africa in1950s and then entered UK in 1975.Red Carnation’s mantra is: to provide guests with the best possible hospitality and most memorableexperiences. The company aims to provide outstanding service at its 23 locations, operating on aphilosophy of ‘no request too large, no detail too small.’ To help its 2,500 employees deliver thislevel of service, Red Carnation relies heavily upon its IT infrastructures.The true heart of any luxury hotel is its staff and the service they give to guests. They have wonaward for Excellence in Recruitment and Retention at the HR in Hospitality awards, Accepting theaward, Liz McGivern, Vice President of HR at Red Carnation, said: “Finding great people and holdingonto them isn’t easy, so how brilliant to have this endorsement.”International Marketing and expansion:The Red Carnation Hotel Collection consists of Seventeen luxury boutique hotels and spas inspectacular locations in the UK and the Channel Islands, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and theUSA. The hotel chain is exploring opportunities for international expansion.Luxury, Hospitality, Hotels, Five Star, Service are key things to serve guests. “No request too large, nodetail too small” are the words the hotel live by and the standards we set ourselves.In addition, the company hires best elopes and train them to provide best customer experiences.The employees are their key strengths, the employees offers attentive, personalised service, finefood, the ready smiles, and attention to detail of each customer needs of diverse internationalcustomers.Red Carnation has been in the top 10 on The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list forthe last three years. Also it has consistently received top rating on TripAdvisor.They have best designed rooms and hotels. Red Carnation bedrooms are, indeed, highly memorable,each with its own design, often inspired by the Bee Tollmans’ ( founder of the company)extensive travels. Rich colours abound and the use of matching highly patterned fabrics for heavy
window drapes, bed covers and even wall coverings are a signature feature. Many of the rooms areheavily themed, sumptuous and highly theatrical.The company promotes many travel destinations as a strategy to attract people to their hotels. Intheir blogs, one can find mention of best places to visit. This may be a way to bring in traffic throughsearch engines and then convert those potential customers into your own.The company also follows strategy of social and environmental responsibility, in collaboration withtheir own not-for-profit Treadright foundation. They have taken responsible of Bushmans KloofWilderness reserve – A UNESCO world heritage cape floral kingdom, in South Africa . Other thecharities they support in England include the starlight foundation, great Ormond street children'shospital, action against hunger, the national autistic society. in Geneva, they provide help for the redcross.Future Vision and aims:Looking to the future, is there room for expansion? “We’re always looking for new opportunities,“They could be in the UK or they could be overseas. says Bea Tollman,83 year older the founder ofthe groups. The hotel chain is exploring opportunities for international expansion.Expansion into international markets is crucial for Red Carnation Hotels, However, the questions arehow and where? The company is exploring its options to expand into ONE of four major markets,namely China, France, Nigeria and Thailand.sources used :[i] Brief:
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