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Assignment question(s)Case Study:The Silver LineThe Silver Line is a UK charity and Company limited by guarantee. It is a free helplineproviding information, advice and friendship for older people.Brief HistoryThe idea of a helpline for older people was initially created and founded by Dame EstherRantzen (in response to her own personal experience of loneliness).In February 2012 The Minister of State for Care Services hosted a round table seminar(chaired by Dame Esther Ranzten). Many representatives from voluntary and statutoryorganisations were present and supportive of the idea. The Department of Health providedan initial grant to pilot the scheme. This successful pilot was later undertaken in 2012 byCEO Sophie Andrews and evaluated by the Centre for Social Justice. Following the pilot,The Silver Line was awarded a £5 million grant in 2013 by The Big Lottery Fund and another£5 million in 2015.Currently The Silver Line has 3,000 volunteers and receives approximately 10,000 calls perweek from older adults.(The Silver Line 2016)Tasks In order to answer the following tasks, you will need to undertake further research on‘The Silver Line’In a report format (Part A)1. Discuss the Corporate Governance, mission, vision and stakeholders of The Silver Line(10 marks)2. Evaluate The Silver Line’s organisational structure (20 marks)(Part B)Imagine that The Silver Line would like to use some of their £5 million grant to expand theirservices to provide home care support (only in the London area). You have been asked asan external Consultant to provide your opinion.3. Conduct an environmental analysis to analyse the viability of this expansion (it is expectedthat you will conduct a PEST or PESTLE) (40 marks)4. Suggest recommendations for managing this expansion (20 marks)Additional Marks for the academic quality of the assignment (10 marks)
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