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Science Lab Report Assignment | Questions and Answers

Added on -2019-09-19

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Assignment Rubric AssessmentScoreLab Assessment ( Weight =10%)The purpose of the lab is clearly identified and stated and lab report illustrates an accurate and thoroughunderstanding of concepts underlying the lab./3Professional looking and accurate representation of the data in tables and/or graphs. Graphs and tables are labeled and titled./3The relationship between the variables is discussed and trends/patterns logically analyzed. Predictions are made about what might happen if part of the lab were changed or how the design could be changed./3Summary describes the skills learned, the information learned and some future applications to real life situations./3Grade:/12Q1. Use PL/SQL in a high-level host language to do the following banking transaction. Theprogram will continue till the user will accept -1. Program will accept account number like 1, 2,3 and debit amount from the user and check the balance is available or not. If available thenupdate the bal field. If account is not available then display appropriate message. Use thefollowing table to write the above program. [3 Marks]Q2. Use T-SQL to create a schedule named NightlyJobs. Jobs that use this schedule executeevery day when the time on the server is 01:00. [2 Marks]1 | Page

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