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Executive summaryThe proper and effective placing of the business operations and activities is based on theeffective marketing process. Thus, the marketing or promotional activities operations arerequired to be taken in consideration by the firm. The pestel, porter 5 force and marketsegmentation approaches will prove out to be beneficial and effective for the proper managementof business actives in a suitable way.
INTRODUCTIONThe proper assessment of the marketing operations is very important and thus requires to betaken in consideration by an organisation that will help the business enterprise to carry outthe business activities in much suitable way. The placing of the high quality marketing orpromotional activities will help the firm to enhance the quality of products and services andthus will improve the quality of business activities and operations in much effective way.For the current report, Jones Bootmaker is chosen. It is a UK based footwear firm.The report will cover the importance of marketing environment with the proper Pestelanalysis. Also, the market entry and segmentation process is been evaluated that will impactthe operations and action plans of market penetration is been carried out in much effectiveand much effective and significant manner. Apart from this, the porter 5 force model istaken in the consideration by the selected footwear enterprise.Conducting PESTLE Analysis of Australia as a country to expand Jones BootmakerPolitical (P)-Australia would be the suitable country for Jones Bootmaker to invest and expand itsbusiness because of the following reasons:1.Corruption levels of Australia are least as compared to other countries including UK, US,Canada and other regional countries because of its perfect system of checks and balances,prominent judicial and law enforcement system.2.The skilled and well-educated workforce, a stable political and business environment ismost suitable for the Jones Bootmaker company which will provide it a sophisticatedmarket and the strong environment that will drive innovation and technology to lead andexpand its operations effectively (Islam, Al Mamun and Amanullah, 2017).3.The company will also benefit from Australia’s transparent and effective governmentsystem to grow progressively. The government is highly responsive and vigilant inresponding to the economic challenges and policy direction.Economical (E)-The company will benefit from the Australia’s capital growth in a far better way as theinvestment opportunity here multiplies over the period. The company will receive many1

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