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Running Head: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTSupply Chain ManagementName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTIntroductionSupply Chain Management is considered being the supervision of materials, informationas well as finances as they are moving in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesalerto retailer to customer. It is having the involvement of doing the coordination as well asintegration of these flows both within as well as among the organizations. It can be stated that thefinal objective of any efficient system of supply chain management is doing the reduction ofinventory (Lu 2014)Role of supply chain management on business operationIt is well-known that supply chain management plays a significant role in majority ofbusinesses and is necessary for organizational success as well as satisfaction of the customer.The retailers are depending on supply chains for making a quick delivery of costly products foravoiding the holding of expensive inventories in stores any longer than it is required (Pagell2017). Manufacturers are depending on supply chains for delivering in a reliable manner thematerials to the assembly plants for avoiding the shortages of materials that will be shuttingdown the production. Retailers are depending upon supply chain managers for designing thenetworks that will be meeting the goals relating to customer service at the least total cost (Pagell2017). Effective supply chains will be enabling an organization for being more competitivewithin the market place.Walmart did the embarking on strategic sourcing for finding products at the best pricefrom suppliers who are in a position for ensuring that they will be meeting the demand. Theorganization then does the establishment of strategic partnerships with majority of their vendors,providing them the potential for purchases that are considered being long-term as well as high
2SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTvolume in return for the lowest probable prices (Vachon 2016). Moreover, Walmart did thestreamlining of supply chain management through the construction of communication as well asrelationship networks with the suppliers for improving the flow of material with lesserinventories.Cross docking is considered being a logistics practice, which is the focus regarding thestrategy of Walmart for replenishing inventory in an efficient manner (Flint 2014). Crossdocking assists in keeping down the costs relating to inventory as well as transportation,reducing the time taken for transportation as well as eliminating the ineffectiveness. Throughcross docking’s utilization, routing of the products are done from suppliers to the organization’swarehouses, from where the shipping is done to the stores devoid of staying for longer periodswithin inventory (Flint 2014). This strategic aspect did the reduction of costs relating to Walmartin a significant manner and they did the passing of those savings on to their customers with thepricing that was considered being highly competitive.Technology is playing a major role regarding the supply chain of Walmart, which servesas the basis regarding their supply chain. Walmart is having the largest infrastructure relating toinformation technology in comparison to any private organization globally (Kulkarni 2015). Theorganization’s latest technology as well as network design is allowing Walmart in forecasting thedemand in an accurate manner, tracking as well as predicting the levels of inventory, creatingroutes of transportation that are considered being highly effective as well as managing therelationships with the customers as well as service response logistics (Jacoby 2014). Forinstance, Walmart did the implementation of the first companywide utilization of UniversalProduct Code bar codes, where there occurred the immediate collection as well as analysis of thestore level information, and then there was the devising of the Retail Link by the organization, a
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