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Assignment: The Business of Personal Training

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Added on  2020-02-17

Assignment: The Business of Personal Training

   Added on 2020-02-17

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1.2.Assignment: The Business of Personal TrainingAssessment DetailsThe aim of this assessment is to get you well on the way to starting your own PTBusiness. You are required to put together a Business plan. Your fitness business could be aproposed business or an already existing business. Ideas of fitness business may includea casual mobile personal training business that trains out of local parks and clients’homes, studio fitness business, a franchise gym etc. Regardless of which option youchoose, you need to work through each section of this document that relates to yourchosen business.Section 1: Business planSection 2: Marketing planSection 3: Advertising and sales planSection 4: Action planSection 5: Financial planSection 6: Client information managementSection 7: Welcome pack
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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ:Once you have completed this assessment in full, please ensure that you have collatedall the relevant paperwork and saved it all as one document in PDF format. Your completed Project Plan, SWOT Analysis, Business Plan, Marketing and PromotionsPlan, Welcome Pack and Risk Register and any photos/JPEG files must be copied andpasted INTO your Module 8 assessment and submitted as a single file. Please do notemail or upload your assessment as multiple files/attachments. If you cannot upload your assessment to The Hub, you can email as a single Word orPDF document only to with your full name and studentnumber. Note: This assignment will not be returned to you so please take a photocopy of itbefore you send it to fitnessU just in case it gets lost in the post.Thank you for your co-operation.
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Section 1: Business PlanThe Business (overview summary)Complete in full the hypothetical business plan template. Below are key considerationsfor your business plan. The italicized questions are there to prompt you as to theinformation and things to consider in each section of this document. Business NameVirgin Active CenterDescription of the BusinessVirgin Active Center is a thriving business-person's club but is also wants to be one of the only family-focused clubs in Sydney.One of the keys to success for the Virgin Active Center is the ability to offer reasonably priced childcare in a safe environment while a parent works out in the fitness center.I will be working full time at the gym and will be dealing with the management directly.There won’t be any outdoor area but there will be a childcare facility. Date registered:13/02/2014Business locationZetland, SydneyBusiness owner(s):The Virgin Active Center is managed by co-owners Robert Mooer and Arnold Red. Robert Moore is the center's operations manager and Arnold Red is the center's fiscal manager.Both Robert and Arnold holds MBA degrees in finance , Cert 3 and 4 in Personal training, Boxing instructor qualification and Crossfit instructor certificates from State University.Robert managed the Rebel Sport club. He also served as Assistant Managerof the Downtown Athletic Club for three years before joining the Rebel Sport Club.Arnold Red experience is in accounting and also in teaching Boxing. He has been a member of the best Boxing gym in town over the past ten years.Relevant owner experience:Arnold Red experience is in accounting and also in teaching Boxing. He hasbeen a member of the best Boxing gym in town
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and he won National Boxeur of the year in 2015.Robert qualified for the Crossfit games and scored third place.Products/services:Childcare facility, Boxing classes, Swimming pool, Indoor climbing.Target MarketThe focus of Virgin Active Center is to keep the whole familyinvolved in the club by exposing everyone to the variety ofactivities and services the club offers.In addition, there is a childcare center that will keep members'children happy and entertained while members take part inany of the center's activities and services.Vision statement:Virgin Active Center will expand and create a larger childcare facility. In addition, new equipment will be purchased for the childcare center. The new facility will be able to entertain up to75 children including 25 infants.Virgin Active Center wants to add an additional 300 members with families over the next three years.Goals/objectives:Short goals: 1)increase morning Boxing classes for families up to 8 per weekby April 2017 -> marketing area the city and schools2)Implement the gym equipment with new machines by end of the month->meeting with gym suppliersLong terms: 1)create an outdoor area on the roof by the end of the year-> meeting with council2)involves more members through our social media withinMay 2017 -> invest in social marketing
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