Inverse Variation in Speed and Time


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AssignmentThe graph on the rational function y = 1/x using Desmos is shown below:The rational function y = 1/x follows inverse variation so we have to think of a real life problem that involves this kind of variation.One real life problem involving the use of inverse variation is the speed required to travel from one place to another in a given amount of time.Let’s say a student need to drive a bicycle from his home to college, which is about 5 miles. Now he has to calculate the speed of his bicycle at which he should drive in order to get college on time given the amount of time he has on a particular day. This data will be the basis of our work to show the real life problem involving inverse variation.The data will be analyzed in Microsoft Excel to graph a scatterplot. The data is shown in the table below:
Inverse Variation in Speed and Time_1

Time (in minutes)Speed (in miles/hour)560650742.85714837.5933.3333310301127.2727312251323.076921421.4285715201618.751717.647061816.666671915.789472015The scatterplot corresponding to this data is obtained in Microsoft Excel using Megastat which is shown below:46810121416182022010203040506070Real Life problem ScatterplotTime (in mins)Speed(inmiles/hour)
Inverse Variation in Speed and Time_2

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