Assignment The Human Population.

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ASSIGNMENTThe human population
Running Head: Assignment The Human PopulationAbstractThe present paper details about the demographic transition model and global food productionwith its distribution to the human population growth for meeting world food security goals.Body of paperThe demographic transition is defined as a transition from the low birth or death rates to highbirth or mortality rates in any economic system. The demographic transition model describes thistransition to foresee how the society will grow if it becomes wealthy. The four stagedemographic model was built by Warren Thompson (1887-1973). The model has a generalizeddescription of fertility, mortality, and growth rates of society at different times. Four stages aredescribed in demographic transition model ("Demographic Transition Model," 2017; "PAPP101- S01: Demography on the world stage", 2017)1. Pre-transition: It is characterized by high birth and high death rates. Population growth iskept low by Malthusian preventative (late marriage age) and active checks (war, famine ordrought).2. Early transition sees the fall in death rates while birth rates remain high. Population sizeincreases during this phase3. Late transition notices decline in birth rates with which population growth decelerates4. Post transition phase is defined by both low birth and death rates. Population growsnegligible and soon enters the decline phase. The population is almost stable here.1

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