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On-boarding 1MemoTo: Mr. Human Resource Manager (Name)From: Manager Subject: Onboarding programDate: 22/2/2018I have evaluated the internal scenario of the organization. On the basis of collected information, Ihave identified that our organization does not follow the onboarding program to aware the new employees about the organization and its internal or external environment (Ho et al., 2017). In order to enhance the company productivity and generate satisfied employees, it becomes necessary for the organization to adopt onboarding program practices in favor of its employees. In the absence of an onboarding program, the company cannot utilize the overall potential of the employees and generate profit in the internal and external market. On the basis of international and domestic internal analysis, I have identified that the company needs the onboarding process for different reasons. The first and foremost reason is to connect new employees with their team members. I have evaluated that the new employees feel comfortable within the internal environment of the organization. That's why they become failure in utilizing their overall capacity and leave the company within five or six months. If the company has the appropriate onboarding process, they can make familiar the new employees with existing ones. Therefore, the onboarding process is necessary to move ahead and get significant profit from the existing industry.On the other hand, the second and foremost reason behind the use of onboarding training processis to develop job knowledge among hired employees. I can say that the disclosure of company's

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