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WIRELESS NETWORKING2Question 1Similarities and differences between WiMax networks data encryption standards WiMax is an emerging wireless broadband technology established on IEEE 802.16 standardthat serves both fixed and mobile networks as an alternative for cable and DSL [ CITATIONAlz13 \l 1033 ]. WiMAX technology infrastructure is usually set up with base stationsmounted by service providers to install the technology; and receivers, mounted by clients toreceive wireless signals. Like any other wireless standard, WiMAX encrypts datatransmission by deploying several encryption standards including triple 3DES, animprovement of Data Encryption Standard (DES), Rivest Shamir Adlemen (RSA) andAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES). RSA was developed in 1977, 3DES in 1978 while AESwas developed in 2000. RSA is a public key algorithm because it uses two keys pairs toencrypt and decrypt the message hence it uses an asymmetric block cipher. Both 3DES andAES use symmetric block cipher. In terms of power consumption, RSA consumes a lot ofpower while AES and 3DES are low on power consumption. AES is more secure, followed by3DES and RSA has low security. Table1 below summarizes the differences and somesimilarities between the three encryption algorithms [ CITATION Ver16 \l 1033 ]. EncryptionStandardDeveloped by BlocksizeKey Size CiphertypeNo. ofroundsSpeedSecurity

WIRELESS NETWORKING3RSA Rivest,ShamirandAdlemenin 1977.<512bits>1024bitsAsymmetric block 0SlowLeastsecure3DESIBM in197864bits 56, 112,168 bits Symmetricblock48ModerateMoresecurethan DESbecauseitperforms theDESalgorithm 3XAESNIST in2000128bits128,192,256bitsSymmetricblock10,12,14FastMostSecureQuestion 2WPAN Technologies WPAN technologies are personal area networks that connect computing devices near eachother for example in a room without cable. There are various WPAN advances such asBluetooth and Z-wave technologies. Z – Wave WPAN Z-Wave was released in 2004 andis awirelesstransmission standard used mainly forhomedevices automation. It uses a mesh topology network and to transmits data from one deviceto another using low-energy radio waves. It can be applied in security systems, lightingcontrol systems, thermostats, locks, windows, and garage door openers. Z- Wave is simplerand cheaper to install compared to ZigBee [ CITATION Sma17 \l 1033 ]. Security Issues

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