Discussing Redemption, Moral Truths, and Just Societies in World Foundations


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ASSIGNMENTWorld Foundations

Running Head: Assignment World FoundationsDescription: Discuss how the Lord has shown mercy to all men from the creation of Adam to thepresent day by offering them "redemption," teaching them "moral truths," and establishing "justsocieties" throughout the world. Answer all or some of the following questions to guide thisdiscussion:- From The Creation and The Fall up until now, how have people sought and claimedRedemption?From the start of the world, preachers have guided the world population to avoid doing sin and tobow in front of spiritual forces in the world. People can seek and claim redemption throughChrist and by following his preaching. Christ redemption provides freedom from guilt, sin andbeing justified freely. Everyone has to pay the price of redemption even Jesus did so.- In what ways are people in our culture/civilization seeking or not seeking Redemption?People in our culture need recovery for the quintessence of all Christian needs. The people canfind redemption through forgiveness, by which one can offer unconditional forgiveness tooneself and others and thereby achieve the peace of mind from the pain and deprivation causedduring the life journey. The journey is recurring, and pain repeats itself in different manners, butunconditional forgiveness detaches from the feeling of getting pained.1

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