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Running head: YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN MALAYSIA1Youth Unemployment in MalaysiaStudent’s nameProfessorCourseDate
YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN MALAYSIA2Increase in Youth UnemploymentThe Malaysian economy adversely impacts the youngsters. Foremost, moderatingeconomic growth and wary business sentiments have restrained the companies from increasingtheir workforce. As a result, the unemployment among the youths, especially the graduates is onthe rise. The graduates are having a difficult time in securing employment in this economy wherethe firms have scaled back on hiring.201120122013201420152016024681012149.9810.3510.4710.411.2812.12Youth unemployment in MalaysiaYouth unemployment inMalaysia%Figure1: Source: The World BankThe data from figure one exhibits that the issue of youth unemployment in Malaysia isbecoming problematic. For the past five years, youth unemployment has remained above10percent. The unemployment among this category of the population was high in 2015 and 2016,that is, 11.82% and12.12% respectively[ CITATION The1714 \l 1033 ].
YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN MALAYSIA3According to theBank Negara Malaysia, the youths are most vulnerable to the economy’strends. They are last to be employed and first to be rendered redundant. Such adverse experienceamong the youths in this country is caused by lack of experience, poor communication skills andlack of sufficient information about available opportunities in the labor market[ CITATION Sta172 \l 1033 ].UnderemploymentEven those youths that have managed to get employment are facing the issue ofunderemployment. Most of the degree holders are engaged in occupations that do not requiresuch level of educational attainment. This scenario shows that these youths are underutilized,receive low wages and also encounter other lousy career circumstances. A study by Bank NegaraMalaysia reveals that underemployment in Malaysia is rising because Malaysian economy isfacing challenges of drawing high-quality investments that would provide high-skilled and high-paying jobs for the graduates[ CITATION The151 \l 1033 ].As a result of unemployment and underemployment, most of the Malaysians youths areliving in poverty. Researches show that 67 percent of the youths receive a monthly salary that isbelow 1000 RM whereas 21 percent get between 1000 RM and 1500 RM[ CITATIONThe151 \l 1033 ].This scenario demonstrates that the youths in this country facedifficulties in obtaining essential needs and services.Solutions to Challenges Facing the Youngsters
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