Exploring Modern Research on Treatment and Prevention of Asthma


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Asthma 21. IntroductionHospitals in the UK have separate accident and emergency units for children and adults whoare suffering from asthma. Depending on the intensity of the problem on pre assessment ortriage, a nurse can give attention to the patient who need urgent care and thus who are in lesscritical condition may have to wait. Initial treatment depends on triage assessment and it caninclude steroids in the form of tablets and liquids that can be injected into the vein of thepatient or a nebuliser is also used to stabilise the patient prior treatment.Threats of asthma can make a patient paralysed by his fear and he may struggle to breathe,speak or ask for help. Currently one in every eleven people suffers from asthma andregarding household area, one in five people get affected by this (Asthma UK 2007a; AsthmaUK 2007b; Asthma UK 2007c). Around 5.4 million people get affected by asthma and inevery ten seconds, a patient gets life threatening attack of asthma in the UK. Each day, atleast three families have to face the death of their loved one due to an asthma attack. On arecent survey, it was seen that 2/3rd of these deaths can be preventable. Currently 5.4million people are on treatment for asthma which includes 4.3 million adults and 1.1 millionchildren (Asthma UK 2007a; Asthma UK 2007b; Asthma UK 2007c). The NHS spendsapproximately 1 billion every year to care and treat asthma patients and in 2015, 1468 peopledie from asthma.Asthma is thus attaining a serious threat of prolong suffering in US and the rate is increasingrapidly so, being a student of paramedical science this topic is really interesting to exploreand thus the subject was selected. The whole assignment will be explorative in nature andwill contain both primary and secondary data thus, it will have both qualitative andquantitative aspects.
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Asthma 32. Research aimThe aim of this research is to explore modern research regarding treatment and prevention ofasthma. 3. Background and relevance of the researchThe serious rate of mortality, morbidity and prevalence of this disease has really created agreat impact on the researchers regarding inventions of modern treatment and scoping outways to prevent this disease. Various research articles are published which showed andexplained how can this be mitigated and lives can be saved. Till now, there had been stagesof development in treatments for preventing this disease (Atsjournals 2017). As per (Asthma UK 2007a; Asthma UK 2007b; Asthma UK 2007c), nebulisers are one of theeffective machines that can stabilise a patient who is having an asthma attack to some extent.It can be given both in the ambulance and in home. Nebulisers are machines that can converthigh doses of liquid machine into fine mist making it easier for the patient to breathe througha piece or a facemask. It is also prescribed by the doctors during any certain test of the patientand during the diagnosis. Different sized face masks are available for babies and childrenwho are suffering from the same. Nebulisers are often used by patient himself or my carestaffs in the situation when the patient’s severe asthma attack can be preventable. It is givento open up the airways and drugs like ipratropium bromide, salbutamol are used vianebulisers. The effect of medicine through the nebuliser will last for five to ten minutes andthus it aids the patient to get admitted to the hospital for serious attention. In the UK,clinicians in the ambulance include paramedic staffs, advance paramedic professionalsspecialised in primary care or trauma and emergency care assistants (Shaw and Siriwardena
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Asthma 42017). All these staffs provide necessary assessment and care at home for the patients intimes of need and they also arrange for ambulance so that the patient could be taken to thehospital.In earlier 19th century Belladonna alkaloids were used. Then in the mid-20th century,corticosteroids were introduced for treating asthma and for the last forty years there havebeen an intensive research regarding this disease and inception of anti IgE, antileukotrienesand cromones were noted. Thus this research will focus on the modern inventions of the researchers and variousresearch journals regarding prevention and treatment of asthma.4. Literature reviewThe researchers recently published an article regarding asthma in 2017 in Science Daily, thattheir research can enlighten the hopes of prolong sufferers of asthma for better survival. Theyhad investigated and had found improved treatments to generate hopes of cure for this people(ScienceDaily 2017). The students of university of Leicester discovered an active form of akey protein called HMGB1, as per their research, it is seen that narrowing of air passage inasthma patients is linked with increase in amount in HMGB1 protein. An experiment wascarried out on mucous collected from asthma patients (includes both mild and severe) andalso from healthy people (ScienceDaily 2017). The result although didn’t prove to be 100%fruitful and thus the researchers are still working on new therapies and allergy related asthmato ensure a better treatment (ScienceDaily 2017). But this detection of the link betweenHMGB1 protein and severe asthma has aided drug makers to a great extent. Another researcharticle was published in 2015 which established connection of calcium sensing receptors
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