Atman, Samsara and Karma in Hindu Philosophy


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The following essay will shed light on the relevant issues of Atman, Samsara and Karma
of the Bhagavad Gita in the Hindu religion and philosophy. All these three components have
been discussed in the Hindu religion as the important elements for the life of the human beings.
Karma is one of the most important things for the human entities. This symbolizes the fact all the
human beings will get the share of things just as he has acted or efforts given to the humanity
and society (Easwaran, 2007).
The control of doing the deeds is in the hands of the human beings only. The deeds and
actions will not only the physical actions of the human beings but it will be their mental activities
as well. However, there will be a very deep relationship present between the mental and physical
activities as well. This very simply states the cause-effect relationship between the deeds
committed and the results received (Easwaran, 2007). All the actions will have their prompt
consequences, be it positive or negative.
All the things that are done will one day surely come back to the doer. The thoughts of
the human beings will be the determinants of how they will be thinking. The results are natural
and it comes from the deeds already being committed. Actually the primary purpose of Karma is
to maintain the ‘dharma’ (Easwaran, 2007). This will be a kind of teaching that the people will
get for not committing the deeds that are harmonious with the dharma. Thus Karma is considered
to be an educative force indeed.
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