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AUE self-reflection Academic writing EssayHadi Abdulla 181210024The Amercan uniersty in the emirate (UAE)Mr. Michael DoyleDue dateIntroductionThe aim of reflective academic writing is to examine your own learning and display the potentialto adapt principle or logical frameworks meaningfully to your experience or job. You wouldexpect to become an academic writer, regardless of whether you are a medical expert, a judge, aphysicist, a professional, an architect, a lecturer, a historian or some other practitioner. Thisinvolves challenging your daily work and applying new insights learned through yourwork/research/study contemplation.The different roles and Class exercises always made me appreciate where I stand and know whatI incredible in then I should work on what. I find out that I'm really social and understanding Iinteract, adjust and develop relationships between manager and employee, And I will functionquickly and reliably. Some of me, on the other side, Weaknesses involve current or prospectivePoor writing or questioning and being staff members for me.It was still convenient for me to discover my strengths. I'm a fast and fast learner A definition tograsp. Some of the stuff I've been checked and achieved I've been really quick to grasp, but Ihaven't had a rating below an A on Any review. In the different subjects in this semester, wediscussed I can be a down-to-earth boss if I need to be one of my greatest strengths Where the
team would love to come to work with me. There are few. Being a college student with two jobsand taking this or other classes allowed me to think a lot about myself, friends and bosses. Thecompletion of the self-assessment pages with the review allowed me to understand not just myachievements and shortcomings as a worker, but also as a boss if I ever were one. I was shockedby certain aspects as the tests were often linked to my management skills. I always grasp what Iam standing in where I excel, and what I have to work for the different roles and events in thisclass. I find I'm a social manager and an employee who's really understandable, quick tocommunicate, adjust and build connections with people and I can do a job efficiently andeffectively. In the other side, some of my shortcomings include hiring or assessing current orfuture hires and advising someone and myself on the job.I'm a really good learner who learns a concept easily. Many of the topics in the course I wastested and assessed were really easy to grasp, so I did not earn a grade below an A on all of theexaminations. One of my main strengths is that I will be a down-to-earth boss during thissemester in our different topics of class, when I would be one whom the workers would want tocome and work with me. In the rare times that I was a company owner for the day I was away, Ifelt that my mates were functioning more effectively in a happier mood, who were also workers.I came to the conclusion that I'm the Theory Y Boss, as I studied McGregor's theories. The boss,Theory X Manager, claims workers usually don't enjoy jobs, have a lack of ambition and obey aclassical "command and control" type directive. McGregor claimed the manager, the Y-Manager,who assumes that workers are able to work, willing to control themselves and to lead themappropriately, are responsible and imaginative. I noticed that when I served as a boss, it seemedmore enthusiastic to staff. To survive my situation, I am identified as a good boss with strongfeatures in the capacity to be with my citizens after completion of "Self-Assessment
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