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1AUSTRALIAN ENGINEERING PRACTICEWhat?According toLuthanderet al. (2015), self-reviewing is one of the biggest attributesthat an individual can undertake. The critical manner in which reviewing of self-performanceis made highlights the character of an individual. It provides an opportunity to manageoneself so that effective and lifelong learning can take place. Without learning, it can bedifficult for an individual to continue with the professional development mainly because oflack of knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary that maintaining self-critique can provideindividuals with an ability to develop one's talent and personality so that they can be effectivefor the success of personal as well as professional life. However, there are certain negativeinfluences as well that can be caused due to the implementation of such techniques.So what?As stated byVohs and Baumeister (2016) the manner in which self-review is done byan individual can affect the personality trait. The review can be based on the performances atprofessional as well as personal life. Therefore, the positivity of this is that the individualscan manage the manner in which they can continue with the development of the personalities.The management of an individual can be attributed to its behaviour and the conduct during itsprofessional and personal development. Therefore, it can be said that learning provides anopportunity to continuously improve the knowledge and skill so that a proper career can beformed that can help in the growth of the individual.At the same time, certain negative consequences can also be obtained from self-reviewing of performance or personality. For example, Willis (2017) is of the opinion thatself-review may tempt individuals to provide only the positive side. Although in the end, itcan be ineffective for the development of an individual, it may provide a limited opportunity
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