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Australian Securities & Investments Commission Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-19

Australian Securities & Investments Commission Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Australian Securities &Investments CommissionApplication for registration as an Australian companyForm 201Corporations Act 2001 117Use this form to apply to ASIC for registration of a company under the Corporations Act 2001.Related Forms208 - Notification of details of shares allotted other than for cash207Z - Certification of compliance with stamp duty lawIf there is insufficient space in any section of the form, you may photocopy the relevant page(s) and submit as part of this lodgementLodgement detailsAn image of this form will be available aspart of the public register.Who should ASIC contact if there is a query about this form?ASIC registered agent number (if applicable)Firm/organisationCola Pty Ltd.Contact name/position description ---Sam swizz/DIrector Telephone number (during business hours)+612-9999000011Email address (optional)Samswizz @hotmail.comPostal address1234, street 1, Suburb/CityState/Territory – Western AustraliaPostcode - 12341 State/territory of registrationWestern AustraliaI apply for registration of the company under the Corporations Act 2001 and nominate the State or Territory in which the company will be taken to be registered. Give State or Territory2 Details of the companyDoes the company have a proposed company name?YesIf yes, the proposed company name isName reservation number (if any)NoThe company name on registration will be its Australian Company Number (ACN).Tick the legal elements that applyPty.Ltd.ProprietaryLimitedNo liabilityNL
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ASIC Form 20111 December 2012Page 1 of 8
Australian Securities & Investments Commission Assignment_2
2 Continued ... Further details of the companyIs the proposed name identical to a registered business name(s)?For business names registered before28 May 2012 without an ABN.YesNoIf yes, I declare that I hold, or am registering the company for the holder(s) of, the identical business name(s), the registration details of which are listed below.ABNorPrevious business numberPrevious state/territory of registrationType of companyClass of companySpecial purpose (if applicable)proprietary companypublic companylimited by sharesunlimited with a share capitallimited by shareslimited by guaranteeunlimited with a share capitalno liabilityhome unit (HUNT)superannuation trustee (PSTC)charitable purposes only (PNPC)superannuation trustee (ULSS)charitable purposes only (ULSN)Special purpose companyRefer to Guide for descriptions ofspecial purpose companies.A public company that is:a superannuation trustee, orfor charitable purposes only, must have a constitution.Registered officeYou cannot use a PO Box addressIf this is a special purpose company, tick the box below to make the declaration.I declare that this company is a special purpose company as defined under Regulation 3 of the Corporations (Review Fees) Regulations 2003.Governance of a public companyThe company will rely entirely on replaceable rulesThe company has a constitutionA proposed public company which has adopted a “Constitution” must lodge a copy of the constitution with this application.If the proposed company is to be a public company limited by guarantee, state the amount of the guarantee that eachmember agrees to in writing.The amount of the member’s guarantee is$(insert amount)At the office of, C/- (if applicable)1234Office, unit, levelStreet number and Street name1Suburb/CityState/TerritoryPostcodeWestern Australia1234ASIC Form 20111 December 2012Page 2 of 8
Australian Securities & Investments Commission Assignment_3
2 Continued ... Further details of the companyOffice hoursFor a public companyDoes the company occupy the premises?YesNoIf no, name of occupierOccupier’s consent (Select box to indicate the statement below is correct)The occupier of the premises has consented in writing to the use of the specified address as the address of the registered office of the company and has not withdrawn that consent.a.Registered office of a public company is open to the public each business day from at least 10 am to 12 noonand 2 pm to 4 pm.b. Registered office of a public company is open to the public each business day for at least 3 hours between 9 am and 5 pm.If b, insert hours openfromam/pmclosetoam/pmPrincipal place of businessIf same as registered office, write “as above”.Office, unit, level1234Street number and Street name1Suburb/CityState/TerritoryPostcodeWestern Australia1234Country (if not Australia)Australia3 Appoint officeholderA public company must have a minimum of 3 directors (2 resident in Australia) and 1 secretary (resident in Australia).A proprietary company must have a minimum of 1 director (resident in Australia). The office of secretary is optional, but if appointed one mustreside in Australia.Officeholder(s) appointment date shallbe effective from the beginningof the day on which the company becomes registered.Office heldDirectorSecretary1Family nameGiven namesDavidFormer nameHarleyStreet number and Street name1, vivid streetSuburb/CityState/TerritoryPostcodeWestern Australia1234Country (if not Australia)AustraliaDate of birth23/01/81[DD][MM][YY]Place of birth (town/city)(state/country)Australia
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