Automatic Payment Processing System


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1ICT TECHNICAL SUPPORT Answer to Question 1:For obtaining the information about the development of the use case model for the travelswipe card transaction system different papers, journals and books are studied. The availableautomatic payment processing system are also studied for the proposal of the use case solution.Internet was used as the major source of information and gather real time data about the realworld. Answer to Question 2:Use case DiagramFigure 1: Use case for Travel swipe card payment service for tram service(Source: Created by author)

2ICT TECHNICAL SUPPORT Use Case ListUseCase IDPrimaryActorUse CasesUC-1PassengerSwipe on entryUC-2TramGateway systemAuthentication of the cardUC-3Tram gatewaysystemCreate TransactionUC-4PassengerSwipe on ExitSystem Name: Travel Swipe Card Transaction SystemUse Case(s)Use Case ID:UC- 1Use Case Name:Swipe on Entry Created By:Enter your name and student IDDate Created:01/09/2017Actors:The primary actor attached with the use case swipe on entry is the passenger and the secondary actor is the tram gateway system. Description:When the passenger swipes the card on the entry point of the tram and the car is required to be authenticated because a minimum balance is required for travelling using the tram service. If the balance is low on the card a message is popped out that the passenger needs to top up thecard from the counter.Trigger:On successful authentication of the card the gate is opened and the passenger can enter into the platform for riding the tram.

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