The Automobile Industry Assignment

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IntroductionThe automobile industry is defined as a group of companies that manufacture the motor vehicles.The automobile industry was first established in 1890’s with many manufacturers who wereconsidered as an inventor in the horseless carriage. The United States of America was known asthe manufacturer of the horseless carriage. In 1929 there are more than 32 million automobileindustries. 90 percent of the vehicles were manufactured by the United States (Zarbo et al. 2015).After the Second World War, 75 percent of the production was created by the United States inthe world. It is seen that the United States cannot enjoy power for a long time. Japan took overthe supremacy in the year 1980. In the year 1994 the United States of America attained back thesupremacy and also there are many other countries that are associated with it (Gindin 2015). Theautomobile industry has been the biggest industry globally, before the proof which is taken intoconsideration by the industry of information technology. There are many high and low pointswhich are faced by the company. The industry gives a proper knowledge of experienceconcerned with the leadership and learning. There are many methods to solve the issuesconcerned with the workforce that explains the rules and regulations among the employees. Theindustry gives knowledge about the management and the leadership issues (Cutcher-Gershenfeld,Brooks and Mulloy 2015).Ford Motor CorporationThe ford motor Company has been established by Henry Ford. He was considered as anAmerican industrialist. Henry Ford introduced vehicles that are reasonable for the white collarclass Americans. Henry ford has changed vehicles that were considered as a luxury product inthe life of American’s. The automobile has not been invented by him. He was known as theproprietor of the ford company and also one of the wealthiest men in America. The career of fordstarted as an engineer in the Edison illuminating company (Johns and Gratton 2013). He wasgiven the post of chief engineer in the company. He tried different experiments with the gasoline
engine and created ford quadricycle. He made many investigations with that cycle andimprovement is made upon it. The organization tried different sort of vehicles. The organizationconstructed a 26 horsepower engine automobile. The cars having the model T and model A havean extraordinary leap towards the organization. The organization came into existence in the year1903 when Malcomson and various investors connected with the organization (Gindin 2015).Model T is a ford car presented by the company. The attributes of the car is that the steering is onleft, engines, four cylinders and there are two spring suspension. The car came at reasonable rateof $825 consistently. The cost of the car feels as the years passed by. This was the first fruitfulventure of the ford Motor Company. With the progression of time, Model T of the car becameoutdated. In the year 1926, the organization started making another model of the car. The newmodel that is model A appeared in December 1927.The organization has different labor issues. The expansion in the production of cars solves thework issues and keeps peace at the workplace that was the result of the organization capableleadership. Henry Ford never had faith in the accountant. Due to this the ford company never gotexamined during his rule (Carlino 2014).Initiatives taken by FordHenry Ford has taken into consideration various activities to take care of the issues concernedwith the laborers. He trusted that paying appropriate wages to laborers would enhance theproductivity level of the laborers. At one point he even multiplied the wages of the laborers. Heintroduced five days working which make work life balance of the employees. The organizationcould accomplish better creation from the representatives after the changes made by henry ford.By taking into consideration the labor union, he analyzed that ford was against it. Ford trustedthat the union of labor gives direction towards the wrong way (Rodgers 2014).During the First World War, the ford company went into aviation business. Ford began Buildingliberty engines for the plane. The best aircraft by the company was Ford 4AT Trimotor whichwas also called as “Tin Goose”. The Plane was constructed from the alloy which is named asAlcad. The main characteristic of the alloy was that it is resistant with the rust of aluminum. Theorganization procured the stout metal airplane company after the completion of the First WorldWar (Janoski and Lepadatu 2014).
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