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AV Corp Promotional Materials TASK 5 Security issues

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Added on  2019-09-13

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Habibullah Tohin Aman (1110556) AV Corp Promotional Materials TASK 5Security issuesHackingHacking is a method used by hacker to have access to a computer system with the intentionto obtain data without the permission of owner and cause damage on it or steal data formalicious purpose.Hacking can be done by different ways, the mostcommon one is the Trojan horse programs that allowthe hackers to trick the people by using socialengineering such as emails with message of prizes.If Sainsbury’s may be attacked, the best way for thehacker to do that will be attack the website of the shopand compromise it by taking information and aboutthe online customer and possibly steal their bank profile by taking the username andpassword.That can cause to Sainsbury’s to lose customers and lose money in it for the reason that theshop in the last years have invested on numerous operation about the online marketing. If the website will be compromised as I said above Sainsbury’s may lose customer and getbehind to other competitors such as “Tesco and Asda” which can take a huge advantage.Another thing that may cause the loss of customers is that for the reason that the shop’swebsite was compromised the customer could not trust it anymore so that will cause thedecrease of the website reliability.Identify Theft Identify theft is a method to steal personal details from other people and it is done bypeople who want by doing this some sort of beneficial such as impersonate the victim or byselling the data to others.Identify theft has numerous ways about how it can be donesuch as phishing that is way where the thief made a fakewebsite in order to trick the customers by trying to let theminput their data which are saved immediately to the thiefcomputer. After doing that, the thief could send emails to thevictims to say that they have to urgently update their accountdetails to the fake website for the purpose to collect evenmore details such as back account and other stuff.If this happens to Sainsbury’s, they may can loss customer for the reason that their websitewill be not anymore trustful for the people and it can compromise also the customeraccount and that can ruin the reputation of not having a secure and safe website.
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