Availability of Project Coordinator Assignment

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availabilitysubmitAcademic Member Lecturerssupervisors and second markers and Lecture - can they be under academic memberEntities:AvailabilityFacultyDepartmentStudentsMajor project moduleproject coordinatorProject supervisorAcademic MemberHonours awardProject topicsAssessment components.
Entities:StudentsThe students work on their project topic independently but under the guidance of asupervisor which is allocated by the department. At regular interval, the students areexpected to meet their supervisors who guide students and monitor their progress.They should be able submit the details of their topic, together with their project supervisiorchoices. They should also be able to keep the minutes of each meeting with their supervisor* Can a student start the project after supervisor authorisation? Is there any systeminvolvement required?- Yes. This is what normally happens. Once the supervisor approvesthe topic, the student start working on the system.Does the student request for the supervisor?- Normally yes. They would submit a fewchoices in a ranked order. This is often done before the major project module start and atthe beginning of the module while they are deciding on or choosing their project topicThe students are encouraged to find the project supervisor themselves. Therefore, studentscan approach any lecturer to see if they can be their supervisors. If the lecturer agrees thenthe lecturer will inform the project coordinator who will record their name against thestudent as the ‘allocated supervisor’.For students, it should be deactivated when they completed the major project module.One of the tasks of students at the beginning of the major project is usually to define theirmajor project topic which needs to be approved by a lecturer. So,the students should beable to submit their major project idea with their supervisor choices. Then the lecturersshould be able to approve a project topic, indicating that they are happy to supervise it.This will likely be done once at the beginning of the year or semester when the studentsregisters for the module. The project coordinator should later be able to add students e.g.those who registers late for one reason or another.Can student request for supervisor on the system? - Yes. They should be able to submittheir preferences in a ranked order. Then the project coordinator or the systems should takethese into account during supervisor allocation as much as possible in view of the supervisoravailability and expertise.In most courses, the students are encouraged to find the project supervisor themselves.Therefore, before the supervisors are allocated, there would normally be a period of time toallow students to find themselves supervisors. For this, the students approach their choiceof supervisors with their project topic and discuss whether the topic is suitable and ask if thesupervisor would be willing to supervise.Once allocated, the students are expected to meet their supervisors at regular intervals todiscuss theirprogressand seek guidance in terms of direction of their project and possibleimprovement to their work. Typically, they will meet their supervisors once a week orfortnight for about 30 – 60 minutes. The student and the supervisors organise the meetings
i.e. agree a mutually suitable time. The project coordinators are not involved. The newsystem should allow project supervisors to set their availability and student to bookappointments. This was commented on and explained earlier.The new system shall help centralise and disseminate information relating to projectsundertaken by students including (but not limited to): the project details, expertise andavailability of project supervisors, supervisor allocation, supervision meetings, secondmarking or projects, and project marks/results.To improve the communication with students, the faculty is also considering making thesystem available to students so that they can access the information they need in moreconvenient and timely fashion. For example, they will be able to the use the system toaccess, in particular the details of supervisors, their expertise, their availability and theproject topics that are available for students to undertakeAvailability (Appointment)Can the student book the meetings online? - Yes, they should be able to request meetingsusing the system.Does the system allow the lecturer/supervisor/project coordinator to accept or deny theappointment request ?- Yes, but this only concerns supervisors as the students only seetheir supervisors for advice and guidance.How can the system manage meetings between supervisor and student ?-The systemshould allow supervisors to define theslotsthat they are available to see students. Thesecan then be bookable by astatus. When the meeting has taken place, the student should beable torecord the detailsof the meetings e.g. what has been discussed, what has beenagreed as the future tasks, etc. The supervisor should be able to review the records andupdate or comments if necessary.The students don’t often know their supervisors availability for meetings as their diarychanges quickly so making bookings sometimes takes a few email correspondences. Anotherarea is the supervision logs. The students normally are required to keep a record of eachmeeting but these are not accessible but their supervisors. The supervisors need to requestit. The student would either email them or bring them into the supervision meetings.Department/FacultyThe new system will be first tried in the Department of Computer Science and if successful, will beconfigured to be used in other departments in FST and other Faculties.The project coordinators are appointed by the head of departments.Major project moduleAre there any prerequisite modules for the major project? -It depends on the course but yesthere is usually one or more pre-requisites for the major project moduleCan a student take a module from different courses/department? - No. They need to takethe major project module specified in their course.
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