Aviation Seminar Report White Knuckles

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Aviation seminar reports
Title of the seminar: “White Knuckles: Why your airline pilots don't have them.”I attended an online seminar that was taken by John Cutcher, who is a retired airline captain.The motto of the seminar was to address the frequently asked questions about airline flyingand to remove the misconceptions related to airline flying from the minds of younger andinspired generation.Target audienceThe targeted audience for the seminar the people wishing to do the job in this filed and thelocal public; however, it was designed to debunk common misconceptions related to airlineflying so anyone can join this seminar.Topics coveredThe main discussion was made in the seminar regarding the job of pilots and variousmisconception associated with the job. The process of pilot training was explained during theseminar. Some of the topic, i.e. Crew Resource Management, FAA regulation Cabin safetywere discussed. The basic functions of the flights were all around explained by the speaker,as well as some instruments used in the flights were addressed. The progress of aviationindustry is further discussed in this online seminar, and the history was explained. Accordingto the presentation data of the speaker, there were 34 million flights with the 3.5billionpassenger in 2015. The safety culture of aviation was discussed along with the job of theflight attendant, and another crew member was clarified.Related to careerI am planning to set my future in the aviation industry, therefore, attending this seminar wasworthy as I gained knowledge about training, experience requires and the experience neededto be a pilot. The online seminar that I attended was suitable for my career as I came to knowabout the latest technologies used in the industry and I learned that I need to obtain a CollegeEducation along with Pilot's License to become a pilot. Adding to this, I came to know howto handle emergencies like EMS, ground support and the responsibility for aircraft under apilot operational control. Considering all the learning of this seminar, I can become asuccessful pilot in the near future.
The speaker started talking about his career and journey to become a pilot. I found theseminar was interesting and eye-catching. The speaker has used presentation mode to revealthe information and to clear the doubts of people regarding a pilot job. However, some shortclips related to each topic were shown during the seminar that was worth to see and was toointeresting. The seminar was worthwhile to know what qualification I may require being apilot in future. This seminar has offered me a chance to get intensive exposure to an aviationindustry and the job of the pilot through presentations and discussions led by multipleexperts. After attending this online seminar, I am feeling motivated to pursue my goal ofbecoming a pilot, so I can say that this seminar leads me to higher productivity andcompletion of professional and academic goals. This seminar is going to be proved a lifelonglearning to my career in aviation.Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSCa2qolv9k
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