Awesome Autumn Assignment Lesson Plan

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Running head: LESSON PLANLESSON PLANName of the Student:Name of the UniversityAuthor Note:
LESSON PLAN1Lesson Topic: Awesome Autumn Grade level: kindergartenLength of lesson: 20 minutesStage 1 – Desired ResultsContent Standard(s):Children will show progress inlanguage, math, arts and science concepts byunderstanding the seasonal changes when they:1.Express interest in the changes of the colors of the trees2.Explore the reason for this changes3.Know the kinds of the trees that changes color during fall4.Know the physical properties that cause changing colors5.Begin to find other changes in nature during fall6.Use colors pencils to identify and describe the leaves during fallChildren will progress in the approaches in learning when they:1.Give attention on the activities in class.2.Feel interested in discovering as well as learning new lessons.3.Apply their experiences in finding new aspects and connect them withnew lessons4.Participate in knowledge gathering and sharing familiar experiences.Understanding (s)/goalsStudents will understand:The basic reasons of seasonchangeEssential Question(s):Why does the season change?What are the main signs of seasonchange?
LESSON PLAN2Autumn is a time of transitionfrom summer to winter.The weather begins to get colderand plants stop growing but it isthe best time to sprout.The leaves change from green tored, then orange, yellow, finallybrown before they fall.Many species began to store foodin their nests for winter.In USA, autumn is the time tocelebrate Halloween andThanksgiving.Pumpkins are the biggest crop andpies and soups are made fromthem.Many animals likehedgehogs,squirrels, groundhogsbat andmarmots stop working andsleep in their shelters till winterfinishes.Vocabulary words: Fall, leaves,sleep, autumn, winter, pumpkin,Why does autumn call the Fall?What are the changes can be feltin weather?What are the fruits and vegetablegrow in this season?What changes can be found inanimal kingdom?What are the festivals celebratedin autumn?What is hibernation?
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