ClodHopper and ClodBuster: Assignment

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BA 357: Fall 2016Assignment – 2Due November 15thClodhopper ClodbusterBackground:Your company has just acquired a new subsidiary that makes two products, Clodhopper andClodbuster. The Clodhopper is intended for the general consumer market and its demand is higherand more seasonal than the Clodbuster, which is intended for the commercial user market. Bothproducts share a number of component parts and subassemblies, primarily differing in their engineand tiller subassemblies. All ofthe managers at the acquired company quit the day your companytook possession. You are the person who has been assigned to run this acquisition. Since all of themanagers quit, the only planning information you have is historical data.Assignment:Your task is to create material requirements plans for items C, E, H, K, P, and L.Use the MRP form supplied and print the spreadsheets (landscape) two to a page (3 pagestotal). Fill in all appropriate data (lot size, ordering rule, etc).Do not make any changes to the format/layout of the spreadsheet. This is one place inindustry where creativity in presenting data is not appreciated since many of the cells in theforms are normally linked, and changes can lead to significant errors in the results.Use the comment function to show the formula for “projected on-hand inventory.” Theformula must be understandable (e.g. ”beginning inventory + production...”NOT“D12 +E12...”).Use the header function to show your name in the upper right corner of all pages.Staple the threelandscape pages in the upper right corner,in the order C & E on the firstpage, H & K on the second page, and P & L on the third page (no cover sheet).Part 2 Data:The Assn – 3 Student” spreadsheet containsfivedifferent worksheets:MPSapproved plans for Clodhopper and Clodbuster for the first three months of 2010.Bill of materialsdata for ClodHopper and ClodBuster, including quantities required perproduct and assembly times/lead timesInventory recordsand lot-sizing rules for all subassemblies and component parts
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