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BA220 Financial Accounting.

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BA220 Financial AccountingWeek 4Answer KeyTextbook: 9th EditionEXERCISE 5-1Aa.b.c.d.e.EXERCISE 5-2AJones Co.(a)(b)(c)FIFOLIFOW. AVG.Cost of Goods SoldEnding InventoryEXERCISE 5-3AThe Cortez Company Inventory Purchases@=@=@=Page 1 of 10
BA220 Financial Accounting._1
Goods Available forSale$a.Cost of Goods Sold:FIFOUnitsUnitCostCost of GoodsSold@=@=@=Ending Inventory: FIFOUnitsUnitCost EndingInventory@=b. Cost of Goods SoldLIFOUnitsUnitCost Cost of GoodsSold@=@=Ending InventoryLIFOUnitsUnitCost EndingInventory@=@=c.Weighted Average:==@=@=Page 2 of 10
BA220 Financial Accounting._2
EXERCISE 5-4Aa. (1) Mason CompanyFIFOCost of Goods Sold:==Gross Margin$17,100a. (2)LIFO==a. (3)Weighted AveragePage 3 of 10
BA220 Financial Accounting._3

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