Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Information SystemsData Warehousing and Business Intelligence IProject (40%)Acquire medium-sized or larger dataset (minimum 1000 records) from a free, publiclyaccessible source (use search terms such as “free online datasets”)Design a data warehouse to store this data in an efficient mannerImplement this data warehouse: Produce fact and dimension tables in an appropriateenvironment and populate these tables with real data from your data source.Develop a series of reports which probe this data in a non-trivial manner to answerappropriate domain questions.Present the design documents for the DW and these BI reports using both written and videopresentationProject DeliverablesYour project will be assessed on the following submissionsA 2500-word written report incorporating the following elementsDesign documents for data warehouseDesign documents for reportsRationale (business or research) for the reports that are presentedPresentation of the results of the reportExplanation of the significance of those reportsProject Marked ElementsWriting (20%)Business Intelligence Results (30%)Data Warehouse Design (30%)Testing/ Evaluation (20%)
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