Background. I am choosing client-side interactive web a

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BackgroundI am choosing client-side interactive web application as this is more important in modern world. As weknow now days all the web application is moving to mobile application. We are developing responsivedesign for web application. Responsive web design makes our web page looks good on all the deviceslike desktop, laptop and tabs and even mobile. For this purpose we are using HTML5 and CSStechnologies.Online recipe system is an example for client-side interactive web application where we can displays thelist of all the recipes. We will handle below option for my online recipe system.Filter recipe based on recipe ID from the list of recipeAdd the new recipeEdit the existing recipeDelete the recipe from the systemProblemHere we need to take care of recipeID as we will do all the operation based on this key like adding,editing or deleting any recipe.Database design should be in normalised form and every table should have primary key. JavaScript codeshould be well written with validation as this is backbone for any client side web application. We mayface issue in integration of the application with database connectivity to MySQL. Once our application iscompleted we need to host into tomcat server so that user can use this remotely. Sometime we will faceserver issue as it is unable to host and give 500 http codes so we need to troubleshoot this issue to run theweb application properly without any pain.AimsMy aim to learn HTML5, CSS and AngularJS technologies as this is most demanding in interactive webapplication development. In this development, I will design responsive web page so that it will run on anydevices with automatically resize. In this way anyone can see the recipe with steps and ingredients toprepare food from any device as per availability. The recipe can be added, edited and deleted online. Wewill learn different type of HTTP method concept like Get, Post, Put and Delete.
Hardware and Software RequirementsList of Hardware:1.Window operating system2.InternetList of Software:1.MySQL2.AngularJS3.HTML54.CSS5.Java6.Rest Web service7.Tomcat serverPlanFollowings are the main tasks/phases of the project:Initiate the projectIn this phase we discuss with the stakeholder, define the scope of the project, define the projectrequirement, and analyse the project.Project designIn this phase we design the database, design the software etc.Project developmentIn this phase we actually develop the system, followings are some development example for this project:1.Create main.html2.Page to display a recipe display.html3.Add a recipe add.html4.Edit a recipe edit.html5.Create java script file ingredinet.js,recipe.js
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