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Background Information.

Added on -2019-09-18

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Background InformationIn order for our system to be built we require a technological infrastructure composed oflaptops, servers, databases and app stores for customers to download. This system should beavailable via browser on a desktop or laptop device as well as mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets. Our technical infrastructure will be mainly composed of a server to host theapplication and a database to store and access data. In order for customers to download ourapplication, we have to make it available on platforms such as apple store and google store.Since both laptops and smartphones are readily available to customers we don’t foresee anyaccessibility issues. This system focuses on car rentals for customers who are consistently traveling hencedeal with different car rental companies. These people tend to consistently travel to differentlocations, mainly due to work. When they arrive to their location they have to deal with differenttypes of car rental services as well as prices. From the creator’s standpoint, we are trying tointegrate all these different companies into one system that aggregates information based on thecustomer’s preference. With regards to existing companies there are several websites thatprovide the platform for renting cars online. Most of these websites are owned by the samecompanies who rent the cars while others are bundling vehicles with airplane tickets or hotels. Interms of design, some sites are more fluid and intuitive while others are poorly designed in termsof functionality and appearance. One aspect we will adopt from the existing system is the ability to provide search resultsbased on user input. Customers will have the ability to search vehicles by owner type, vehicletype, location and price. This will provide a dynamic result set more suited for each individualcustomer preference. In terms of differentiating form the current systems, we are exploring thepossibility of introducing vehicles owned by individuals who are willing to rent. Another factorwe learned from the existing systems is the importance of consistency for the user when usingthe system. In order for our system to be successful we have to eliminate inconsistencies in termsof appearance and functionality for both mobile and browser platforms. You do not have to be aregistered user to use our application making it easier for new customers.

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