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Executive Summary This paper discusses the mission statement, values, and objectives of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). The paper continues to discuss the key information of RBC such as the size of the company, the number of employees, branches and total assets in terms of dollars. The paper further discusses brands/products the company sells and confirm if they are governed by BCG analysis. The paper also discusses countries where the company operates and its main competitors.In this paper, a discussion is represented on a bank marketing. For conducting the discussion, a selection is made on the chosen bank of interest. RBC is a multinational banking company, head-quartered in Canada. The banking company caters financial services mainly to Canada but has recently extended its forefront in the United States as well (David et al., 2014). Since RBC is a customer-driven banking company, its mission statement has always been the same i.e. to develop a good bank-customer relationship by developing a world class financial advice to them. The mission statement of RBC focuses on yearning mutual success for its employees, RBC, and clients. The company provides career opportunities to its employees through meaningful growth opportunities. The company entertains a diverse group of people in their premise to help their clients coming from different cultural backgrounds in dealing with financial solutions and other banking services of their interest (Peppers et al., 2016).
The value of the RBC is to provide care to its customers by empowering them to do the right things; taking responsibility of providing solutions to its customers and give back to the community. The objective of the RBC has always been a long-term goal as opposed to focusing on a short-term goal, and as a matter of fact, the bank is highly motivated to provide comprehensive solutions to its through locally empowered colleagues who work on behalf of bank to deliver best service.Royal Bank of Canada’s key informationSize of the company (in terms of total assets)C$1,074.208 billionNumber of employees72,839Branches1,209The Wall Street Journal has reported in the year 2015 that RCB has agreed to sell its Swiss private-banking operation, products to Geneva-based SYZ Group. The services which RBC provides to its every client and customer are guided by BCG matrix framework. The success history of RBC till the date reveals that the company has stood up to the expectation of BCG matrix.Products BCG analysis of the brands/productsMoney depositing account facilitiesStands up to the expectationBorrowing and crediting facilitiesStands up to the expectationRBC insuranceStands up to the expectationInvestor and treasury servicesStands up to the expectationInstitutional investingStands up to the expectationCustody and clearing facilitiesStands up to the expectationRBC is widely operated in Canada and in its nearby countries/regions such as France and some parts of North America. The company deals in providing financial advice and solutions to its

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