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Running head: BANNER HEALTHCARE VERSUS SINGAPORE AIRLINESBanner Healthcare versus Singapore AirlinesName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BANNER HEALTHCARE VERSUS SINGAPORE AIRLINESThe essay focuses on the case of a healthcare organization and analyzing the readiness of theorganization, in the present era, to provide medical care and support to the people at the timeof emergencies. The essay also focuses on the plans and strategies that have been adopted bythe healthcare providers in order to deal with the growing network, management of theresources that are available and the levels of satisfaction of the patients seeking benefits fromthe healthcare experts and organizations. Banner healthcare has been chosen as theorganization that provides medical support to the people of the United States. The essay alsoprovides a comparison of the organization with the Singapore Airlines.Banner healthcare is a non-profit healthcare organization in the United Sates locatedin Phoenix, Arizona. The organization is active provider of emergency as well as hospitalcare, hospice care, long term and home care (Huffineset al., 2013). It also provides otherfacilities such as surgery labs, shops for purchasing medicines, rehabilitation services andprimary health care services. The main aim of the organization is to bring a difference in thelives of the people by providing excellent support and facilities in the field of medicalsciences. The organization expanded its operation in the countries of Alaska, Colorado andNebraska, indicating success of the organization in the fulfilment of the needs of the patients(Percivalet al., 2015).The healthcare services have changed its functioning since there were major changesin the technological aspects as well as in the communication and Information Technology.The healthcare organization in discussion, Banner, had also underwent changes andintroduced effective services of the emergency and outpatients, where it was made possible totake care of the critically ill and the normal patients who were experiencing minor healthissues (Steinet al., 2015). The technology adopted by the organization has laid down thepathways of modern, better and effective medical services and treatment and care facilities tothe patients. The readiness of the organization to serve the patients also depends on the
2BANNER HEALTHCARE VERSUS SINGAPORE AIRLINESavailability of sufficient resources. Banner healthcare systems have proven to have sufficientresources, which is capable of mobilizing the same and came up with the resources in orderto meet demands and needs of the patients in the future (Hunsakeret al., 2015). Theorganization has been reported to be largest employer of talented people who would be ableto cope up with the changing patterns of the requirements and demand of the patients and thecommunity it deserves to serve. It is expected that the organization will continue to cater tothe diverse needs and services of the patients in areas of its function with their vast allocationof natural as well as human resources in the near future. It is noteworthy to state that Bannerhealthcare services have been able to effectively manage its supply chain, reducing theoperational cost, focusing more on the important areas by strengthening the delivery of thehealthcare services.The fast and effective growth in the network system of the organization, effectivestaffing of human power such as the nurses and other medical experts, excelling in terms ofmanaging the resources and the capability to satisfy the diverse demands and requirements ofthe patients involves the strategic plan of Banner healthcare (Smartet al., 2014) Presently,the organization has been in operation in six different states of the United States of Americaand has decided to enter into partnership with other healthcare organizations in order tocontinue to render its services to all the people of the country as it is not possible for Bannerto expand in all the states of the country. The major areas that have been expanded by theorganization ids in the field of medical expertise and have employed and have been reportedto staff experts in the medical fields in different departments of hospitals and emergency carehaving different expertise and have also ensured to continue the recruitment process in thefuture.Nurses play a vital role in every healthcare setting. Keeping this in mind, Bannerhealthcare has ensured better staffing policy in the future through recruitment of more nurses
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