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Running head: BANNING OF GUNSBANNING OF GUNSName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1BANNING OF GUNSResponse:David Burnett who has been the director of public relations for students for Concealed Carry onCampus (SCCC) are of the opinion that mass murder at university can be stopped by givingallowance to students for carrying concealed guns for self safety. He had stated that the Virginiauniversity incident could have been prevented if the shooter could have been stopped by studentsby directly shooting him. Secondly, he is of the opinion that rapes and sexual assaults at theColorado University could have been also diminished. Thirdly, he had provided an argument thatif individuals can drive a car at 16 and get married, join military at 18, they would be enoughresponsible for handling guns without causing any gun accidents. These three points make itimportant for allowance of concealed carry along with students (Burnett)Darby Dickerson is an expert in the field of higher education law and policy and elected memberof the American law institute. He is of the opinion that no data had been collected afterresearches which suggest that students carrying concealed arms will eventually make them safe.Moreover, different students have varying levels of maturity and their development of brain andrational thinking is not yet developed to handle guns responsibly and involving in gun violence(Dickerson). Thirdly, it in turn becomes results of suicides, homicides, attacks on universitypolice officers and others. Public safety is threatened by guns where they may be vulnerable toharm in ands of students with binge drinking, high alcohol consumptions and others.I agree with the later expert as handling of guns is dangerous and adolescents and young adultsare vulnerable to mood swings and can use their guns in negative sense affecting themselves andothers without being aware of the consequences and acting impulsively.
2BANNING OF GUNSOverview:It is of a great debate that whether concealed carry should be allowed in university campuses ornot. These had gone for long in the nation where different petitions have been filed andnumerous debates have been conducted (Webster). The thesis statement is that whether carryingof guns should be allowed or not on the university.Over the year, students have demanded for their rights to carry guns for their safety after thefamous mass shooting of the Virginia University took place (Kellner). While some have allowedthe carrying of guns but many universities have opposed against it. After the mass shooting andVirginia and following similar cases in other universities, it has become a concern for thestudents and also the universities to make sure of the safety of their lives (Burnett). They beliefself defense is the best defense any individual can attend to and hence after many debates,universities has passed laws in favour of it (Mobile.Nytimes.Com). However the pathway ofmaking such law in university campuses has not been easy. There has been petitions, protests,severe debates, discussion among exerts and many others.Supporters are of the opinion that when individuals are responsible for carrying essential dutiesof their lives like driving, maintaining academics, joining military, taking decisions about careerand others, they should be similarly responsible for it. Sexual assaults and harassment is anothergenre that had also been another cause for making guns allowable in offices. Perpetrators can bekept away if the victims use their guns for self protection. This is believed to reduce the levels ofharassments and rapes in universities as well (Dahl).Still critics of these decisions are holding their position strongly on their version of the debatethat making guns allowable in campuses will not make students safe. Adolescent and young
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