(PDF) Barriers to Effective Communication

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THE DIFFERENT BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONLanguage Barriers:- As cultural difference are there, chance is that messagesare not fully understood by the staff membersAttitudinal Barriers: -Due to personality conflicts or resistance to changethey are not able to communicate effectively.Cultural Barriers: - Cultural differences coming in firm and staff may or maynot take these difference into account while communicating to each otherothers.COMMON CHALLENGES AND BARRIERS TOEFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONThere are different challenges and Barriers for Mr Fishy in bringing aneffective communication in the organisation due to tensions withrespect to the possibility of Brexit as it have major effect on the relationbetween the British and non-British staff members at Mr Fishy.Different challenges are as follows:-Inconsistency of communication:-Relying on technology to disseminate message:-Lack of respect
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