Different Types of Basement Construction Methods


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BASEMENT CONSTRUCTION METHODS:Open cut basement construction method:This method is applied for shallow basement which need to be excavated with sloping side. Theform is considered to be economical because foundation wall is not necessary in this case. The angle of slope and the area of ground will be distinguished based on design, analysis and evaluation result. Advantages: Low budget Save construction time for shallow basement High quality No lateral support Disadvantages:Not able to use for deep basement.Require large space during construction processHigh risk of collapsing in high moisture content or flowing waterApplication: Cohesive soil, less prone Small scale of basement Vertical cut construction method: Bracing excavation method is another name of this method. Unlike Open cut method, vertical cutrequires perimeter wall around the area being excavated. On another hand, perimeter wall is able to replace by secant piling, diaphragm walling and steel piling. During construction process, temporary braces and props have to be a part of system to maintain the walls.Advantages: Minimize the excavation areaKeep the side of deep excavation stable The effect of the flow groundwater is reducedDisadvantages:Not able to use for large scale of basementRequire temporary systemRequire supporting perimeter wall High budget Application:Small to medium scale basement

Type of soil depend on perimeter wall.Top down construction method:Construction of this begins from the top to the bottom of excavation and the first slab is completed before starting superstructure construction. Constructing slab after each stage of excavation, hence, slabs are considered as strut in holding earth pressure. The process of construction is: retaining wall construction and pile construction under column of superstructure;applying formwork and placing columns on piles for the 1st slab at the top, then, other slabs would be built after each excavation.Advantages: Short time for constructionConstruction area safer as slabs are stronger than strutsLow risk of ground movement Reduce the effect of bad weatherDisadvantages:High budgetRequire complex support construction Require lighting and ventilationRestrict the access of material handling.Application:Very large scale and complex basement.Soil nail EXAVATION LATERAL SUPPORT SYSTEM: Sheet pile wall:Sheeting pile wall is retaining wall that constructed to retain earth, water and any other filling material. There are 2 type of materials. One is steel pile which is U or Z shape and 12m long. And another one is reinforce concrete pile which is heavy and bulky. Vibration, pressing excavation are three method installing sheet pile wall. Advantage of steel sheeting pile wall:Easy to storage and light weightProvides high resistance to driving stressesAble to be reused on various project Long service life above or below water

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