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BBMF 3113 Case Study in Finance and Investment

Added on -2019-09-16

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BBMF 3113 CASE STUDY IN FINANCE & INVESTMENTPROJECT PAPER (60%)1.0 INSTRUCTIONSThis unit REQUIRES students to produce a group research project of 5 to 6 members on a contemporaryissue that has strategic importance for the Malaysian Financial & Investment Sector. The issue selectedfor study may fall in any of the following areas of interest. A Banking issueA Marketing / Sales / Services issueAn Information Technology issueA Finance & Investment issueStudents are advised to go through financial articles in the newspapers, magazines, journals and reportsand discuss among members to identify and come up with a topic of interest area for the project to workon. Proper research may begin immediately after the research topic is being approved. A proposal is to be submitted with no more than 3 pages long to your supervisor which contain (a)Proposed research title (b) Objective of the studies (c) Brief outline of the project and references (d)Approaches in conducting the studies (e) Expected outcome of the studies 2.0 OBJECTIVE OF THE UNITTo integrate the knowledge you have gained from your study of the other core units in the Finance &Investment course and applied this knowledge collectively towards an understanding of a contemporaryissue of interest to your group in the context of the Malaysian Financial & Investment sector. Thereafterdraw conclusion from your group’s study and present your group’s findings in the best manner of astudent research project.The unit requires you and your group members to show awareness of the current changes affecting theMalaysian Financial & Investment sector. The successful completion of this project requires you andyour group members to illustrate evidence of critical thinking, analysis, and the ability to relate andintegrate strategic issue in your area of interest to relevant theories and concepts. The findings from yourgroup’s research project should provide an opportunity for your group to recommend possible course ofactions, contributions, which should be of interest to the Malaysian Financial & Investment sector.3.0 EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOME: To develop a set of four critical skills comprising (a) application skill (b) analytical skill (c) problemsolving skill and (d) research skill by providing opportunity to:Relate concepts learned in the Finance & Investment course to specific issue affecting theMalaysian Financial & Investment sector.Analyse issues particularly those of strategic importance to the Malaysian Financial & Investmentsector.Page 1 of 8
Develop skills in formulating proposals and applying solutions to specific problemsEvaluate existing literature on a particular subject in a critical way and relate the knowledge tothe practical issue on hand.4.0 STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES The project is to be handled by students on independent basis via their own engagements in minorindependent research, independent readings, resource sourcing, collection of data, information &materials, evaluation & analysis and come up with your own findings. The process will be guided by thesupervisor through lecture, tutorial and consultation sessions.Students are required to consult your supervisor on a regular basis. Before the final submission, you mustsubmit at least ONE draft reports for scrutiny by your supervisor.To ensure participation from every member, a Group Member Appraisal form is attached to be filled byevery member on other members in the group. Every member should submit this form separately on thefinal submission date.Plagiarism need to be avoided as it threatens the value of academic work and undermines the creditabilityand integrity of the university’s academic awards. AssessmentThe assessment of the project paper consists of two elements. The report itself carries 50 percent of thefinal total marks. In addition to the report, you are required to give an oral presentation in a seminarsetting, which carries 10 percent of the final total marks. (Note: Refer attachment assessment criteria).5.0 STRUCTURE OF REPORTThe structure of the report is based on a standard format, which contains the following sections:1. Preface2. Text3. SupplementPrefaceThis section consists of the following:Title PageThe title page is the first page and should include the approved title, name of candidates according to theregistration records, and the statement “...submission of project paper for the fulfillment of the Bachelordegree of Finance & Investment...” and finally the date of submission.Page 2 of 8
AbstractGenerally the abstract is written after the completion of the text of the project. It summarises the structureof the whole text and the major facts it contains. It should be written in the same language as that used inthe text and contain no more than 250 words. The abstract should be placed on the page immediatelyafter the title page.AcknowledgementThis sub-section is not compulsory but is recommended to convey appreciation to those who have beeninvolved in the study.Table of ContentsThe table of contents lists the chapter, topics and sub-topics together with their page numbers. Sub-topicsand topics should be labeled according to the chapter; for example, the first topic in Chapter 1 should bemarked 1.1 and the first sub-topic, 1.1.1. The use of letters in parenthesis (for example, 1.3.7(a)) isappropriate as a means of differentiating sub-topics of the same topic from each other. This numberingsystem provides a clear picture of the relationship between chapters and topics and show how they areconnected.List of FiguresThis list contains the figures, together with their page numbers, which are listed in the text or in theappendix. The numbering system is the same as that used for topics, for example: Figures 1.3, Figures1.37 and Figures 1.37(a).List of TablesThis list contains the titles of tables, together with their page members, which are listed in the text or inthe appendix. The numbering system is the same as that used for topics and figures, for example: Table1, Table 1.3, Table 1.3.7 and Table 1.3.7(a).TextThere is no specific format for the text.SupplementSpecific items, which were not included in the main body of the text, should be put in thisAdditional/Supplementary Section. Typically this section includes the following:Appendices consist of additional illustration of data sources, raw data and the quoted citations,which are too long to be placed into the text. The appendix supports the written text of theproject paper.It can be divided into Appendix A, B, C etc. Each appendix needs to be listed in the Table ofContents. All tables and figures in each appendix are numbered and listed in the List of Tablesand List of Figures.Page 3 of 8

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