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BC#41Part AThink about your own experiences with both effective and ineffective communication, and selectone (1) example of each to analyze.(1)Briefly describe each of the two (2) scenarios– one related to a personal experiencewith effective communication and one related to a personal experience withineffective communication. Describe whether each scenario is an example ofeffective or ineffective communication, providing at least two (2) supporting factsfor each scenario.Scenario ofeffective communicationEffective communication is always acted as the guideline for the opportunity in the formalorganizations. As a student for the completion of my degree, I have to do the internship in anorganization of eight weeks . I got an opportunity of working in one of the effective banks of mycountry. On the first day of my joining, I have delegated the duty of account opening and dealingwith customer queries. My manager briefs me the accounting system of the bank so that I can domy duties effectively. I have to go through all the details in a careful manner and ask forclarification as and when needed.As if any customer came to my desk, I first greet them with due care and ask that how may Iassist you. The customer would explain the problems , that they are facing, and then afterlistening to them carefully I resolve the problems of the customers in terms of customersatisfaction.
BC#42Supporting facts for my effective communication: the feedback that I got from my customers arethat it was professional, and encouraging and the result of this is that I was promoted as atemporary employee by the finance officer for five months.Scenario ofineffective communicationThe situation of ineffective communication that I have faced in my organization is one day in ameeting with the CEO of the company. The meeting is related to the new technologicaladvancement in the organization. The CEO is using technical jargons that are not understood byanybody in the meeting. The team members request him to use some common terms , but hedoes not respond to our problems. As a result, the meeting proved to be ineffective as nobody isable to understand that what he is trying to suggest and after a week the third party expert wascalled out for demonstrating the operation of new technology.Supporting facts for ineffective communication:Ineffective communication is one that will not be communicated in an effective way and causebarriers to effective communication.(Wang,2016)Based on the meeting scenario ontechnological advancement, the communication was ineffective as the outcome was negative asfirstly the overemphasis is made on jargons which the subordinates are not getting and secondly ,he does not pay attention to the suggestions , which leads to a status difference between themanager and employees.Part B
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