BEA140 Quantitative Methods- Experience of Skippers for Boats

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Quantitative MethodsBEA140Student id[Pick the date]
Analysis of the general equipment type and experience of skippers for boatsAimsTo determine if the boats having the above average general equipment also hadexperienced skippers.To determine the number of boats for various possible combinations of generalequipment level and also experience level.BackgroundInformation was collected for the fishing catch of 151 boats deployed in Tasmania. For each ofthese boats, data was collected about the skipper being experienced or not along with the generallevel of equipment used (average or above average).FindingsFor boats having above average general equipment, it cannot be concluded that they hadexperienced skippers (Table 1)There were 20 boats with above average general equipment and inexperienced skipper.There were 53 boars with above average general equipment and experienced skipper.There were 26 boats with average general equipment and inexperienced skipper. Therewere 52 boars with average general equipment and experienced skipper.Statistical Method and Result Computational Methods Equipment – General level of fishing gear (average OR above average), Experience of SkipperThe requisite table to determine the number of boats there with each combination of theexperience and general equipment type is computed based on Pivot Table tool of excels and isshown below (Table 1).1

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