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Adolescent Depression and Suicidal Tendency PDF

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Added on  2020-02-24

Adolescent Depression and Suicidal Tendency PDF

   Added on 2020-02-24

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1ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION AND SUICIDAL TENDENCYQuestion 1a:In Australia, 45 percent of people experience a mental health condition in their lifestyle and inany one year. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that about 3 million people are living herwith depression. On average, 1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 8 men experience some level ofdepression. These affect well being, personal relationships, career and also productivity of theindividuals. Only 35% access treatment and others do not take any form of treatments (Yoo et al.2016). Young males are at a higher risk for committing suicides than young females. However agestandardize rates of suicide are more stable for females across the country. The nation had seendecrease in suicide rate in young adult men but the rate has increased in middle aged man from 4to 7 deaths per 100000 middle aged men.Question 1b:Women and people who are between the age of 40 and 59 are at a higher risk of development ofdepression in Australian. People who are living below the poverty line are about 2.5 % morelikely to be depressed accounting for about 15% in comparison to those who are living above itaccounting to about 6.2% (Calear et al., 2016)
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2ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION AND SUICIDAL TENDENCYThe suicidal tendencies are in Australia are found to have increased between the year 2004 to2014 by 22% with both males and females under the age of 44. However it is the notable causeof death or more males in the last 75 years. The suicidal tendencies are found to be higher infemales than males and hospitalizations are 2.5 times higher than men. He rates of suicide amongaboriginals and Torres islanders are double to that of non-indigenous people (Monreali et al.,2015). In 2014, suicide accounted for 5.2% of all indigenous health as compared to 1.8% in nonindigenous people.
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3ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION AND SUICIDAL TENDENCYQuestion 2:Factors contributing to the deterioration of the mental health of the patient and possessing risks:The death of a parent is considered to be one of the most painful as well as the traumaticexperience for children. When such incidence occurs during the adolescence period of anindividual, it results in development of complications of a teenager’s natural process whichdefines his or her identity in the world (Biddle et al., 2014). The tension that an adolescentexperiences between the seeking of independence but at the same time reliance on the familysupport causes magnification of the process of bereavement. This situation results in mourning ofthe teenagers who often suffers from low self esteem. In case of Jonathan, it is seen that hemisses his late mother when he used to love dearly and was very close to her. Her untimely deathwas not being able to be handled by him effectively. Therefore he is at a feeling of loss as hecannot decide how to cope up with the death of his mother. He still feels for her feelings and hispresent condition is believed by him to hurt his mother in heaven. All these state that he is yetnot being to get over the loss. At the same time, the distance that he had developed with hisfather had been an additional strike on his present condition (Solano et al., 2016). He bond thathe used to shear with his parents are no longer felt by him and this had created an emotionalturmoil on his life. This emotional turmoil had affected his working procedures and therefore heis unable to concentrate on his projects of the TAFE. These missing of assignment are againcreating tension in him about his failure in courses which is contributing to the development ofdepression in the individual. All these mental and emotional turmoil is having a strain on hisphysical health which is making him lethargic.
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