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Below are discussions. Answers should not be more than 2-3lines 300 wordsYou are a mid-level Contracts Administrator in the ABC, Inc. contracts department. You are responsible for approving invoices being submitted to the Government. You notice on this month's invoice that some charges appear that don't belong to the contract; perhaps it is equipment rental or the assignment of a particular engineer. You go to your boss and he says that he'll take care of correcting it. A few months later, you are reviewing some billing information and you notice that the invoice that you questioned has been paid by the Government. You check only to learn that the invoice, which you suspected was in error, was submitted and paid. What potential issues does the company face if the invoice turns out not to be okay?One of the potential risk that the company could face is that the government may fail award future contracts and terminate all the existing contracts with little notice period. Secondly, the government can file an injunctive action for claiming the bill already paid. The third option is that the Contracting officer can prepare provide assistance regarding the payment problems and sort out the differences in the invoice. Thirdly, depending on the terms of the contract, arbitration, mediation or conciliation proceedings can be brought about in order to sort out the problems relating to the payment of invoice amount.Your small company, UFP Inc., has a subcontract with Sith Enterprises Corp. which has a prime contract with the National Security Agency. Your subcontract requires UFP to provide translators fluent in Klingon. The Sith program manager and subcontract administer refuse to provide you with a copy of the prime contract. Because of your lack of negotiating leverage (since there appear to be way too many Klingon speakers around), you had to accept a very one-sided subcontract that says, among other things, that you get paid when the prime contractor gets paid. Your translators working at the NSA facility report that there appears to be trouble betweenthe Sith program manager and the NSA program manager over who rules the universe. Now yourinvoices aren’t getting paid and the Sith subcontractor administrator tells you that the problem is that NSA is dissatisfied with your translators. Your translators at the NSA facility disagree very strongly with this allegation.What can you do at this point to resolve the issue and get paid? Can you talk directly to the NSA contracting officer? Could you file a claim with the NSA contracting officer? Is there anything the NSA contracting officer can do to help you get paid?The subcontractor in this case can present a claim to NSA and request that it be passed through or sponsored by the prime to the government. Since there is no privity of contract between the NSA and the subcontractor in this case, he can submit claim to the prime. Alternatively, the Sith Enterprises Corp can also sponsor the subcontractor’s claim and bring an appeal on behalf of UFP Inc by permitting him to bring an appeal in the name of

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