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Benefits of gamification in nike PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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Benefits of Gamification in Nike+
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The strategy that business masterminds have been using lately in the business world is the
Gamification strategy which is the modern form of applying the mechanics of a game in a digital
experience. This strategy is applied as the business experts are of the opinion that it has the
capability of engaging user interest and thus has a capability of improving customer engagement
(Rezvan 2017). This strategy is lately utilized by the organization of Nike+ as the company has
always been using innovations as their central business strategy. In the same way, gamification is
the latest strategy that Nike+ uses to make sure that their company is at their best competitive
level in engaging the customers and developing their business. The utility of this strategy in the
business progression would be analyzed further in the essay by representing the business idea
and presenting the assessment of the viability about the business idea. The ICT strategy of the
business venture would also be described establishing the connection with the organizational
strategy. Lastly, the advantages and the disadvantages of the strategy would be discussed along
with the critical assessment of the requirements for the gamification strategy.
Representing the business idea
The organization of Nike+ has always used innovation as a central business strategy.
Their sole stature for the improvement of product quality is always based on the way by which
the products would enhance the performance of the athletes. They believe that the product
quality improvement and all the relevant new technologies adapted for it would add value to
their socially responsible products as a whole (Chen 2015).Gamification strategy is the modern
form of applying the mechanics of a game in a digital experience. This means that the people
who are buying the Nike products are introduced to the mobile app of Nike+ which is a gamified
version that enables user to track their daily running details gathered from the information
provided by the Nike+ Fuelband attached to their wrists(Christians 2018). Nike+ developed the
gamification strategy, and the app of Nike+ had been developed, comprising of the ability of the
app to measure the running or walking speed, time and distance, all at a time. The data is stored
by the app so that the user can monitor own progress. The app even lets the users to compete
with fellow application users so that they can compete with each other. The purpose behind the
entire gamification strategy had been the engagement of the users to stay fit ultimately with the
use of this app when they would try to reach the best distance.
Assessment of the viability of the business idea
The organization of Nike does not belong to a game development organization; it belongs
to the manufacture of sports goods and apparels. Therefore, the development of the Nike+ app as
a result of the gamification theory includes the employing of the game mechanisms where there
is probably no provision for in-game context for the product development (Kenny and Clohessy
2016). The entire strategy and the development of gamification entirely depend on the inclusion
of more and more user involvement. Nike Inc. has implemented the entire plan based on the
gaining of competitive advantage for the organization. They could make it popular on the pretext
of their latest product launch for the running shoes.
Reward:The app developed to aid the product in the gamification strategy was build just
not for an individual customer or user but for engaging all the app users at once.The more the
people win against the competitor player; they are rewarded with recognition in the app as well
as the customers gain advantages of running with improvement in health.
Sociability:It is a known fact that games imply heavily on the intellect of human mind,
and they help in coordination of mind when there is some competition involved along. Had the
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