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Investigation ProposalDate, 7 January 2018From, T&D representativeTo, Macey, Manager of Macey’sHypothesisThe proposal here suggests usage of the best retail software for the retailorganization which is called "Macey's". The T&D team has decided to use theretail software named Vend. Macey, the manager of the organization hasapproved the proposal. However, I have used the software before and have abitter experience. Therefore, being a T&D representative it is my responsibility tolet her know the flaws of the Vend software. According to me, Lightspeed Retailis the best choice1. Lightspeed Retail offers a cloud-based point-of-sale platformand this platform can be accessed anywhere anytime, the software is used forvaried retailers including footwear retailers and clothing retailers. Thus thisproposal will showcase why Lightspeed Retail is better compared to Vendsoftware.Issues to exploreLightspeed Retail, the cloud-based point-of-sale retail software can beaccessed anytime anywhere. There are multiple advantages of the software.The software comes with numerous functionalities which involve orderingtools, data reporting, quoting, and management. Macey’s can use it as a fullyfunctional e-commerce tool to handle all online as well as offline inventory.Macey’s can manage their customers well with the aid of this software. Theworkers of the organization can be able to serve their customers better in eachstep of the sales cycle with the assistance of Lightspeed Retail.Lightspeed retail has the capability to monitor sales as well as theinventory numbers. The workers and the management staff can notice changesin profits, in productivity and in sales with the help of the software2. LightspeedRetails assists in generating high-level sales reports as well as custom in-depth1Adewumi, Adewole, Stanley Ogbuchi, and Sanjay Misra. "A Cloud-Based Retail Management System."InIntelligence in the Era of Big Data: 4th International Conference on Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems, andInformation Technology, ICSIIT 2015, Bali, Indonesia, March 11-14, 2015. Proceedings, vol. 516, p. 446.Springer, 2015.2Mooi, Erik, Marko Sarstedt, and Irma Mooi-Reci. "Getting Data." InMarket Research, pp. 51-93. Springer,Singapore, 2018.1
data reports. All these reports provide them with high-quality information andthis information helps in taking important business decisions.The software is able to develop highly functional and professional-lookingwebsite for Macey’s. Macey’s can use their logo; can choose page layout,colours and fonts. The attractive website can attract customers all over theworld. Besides, the software can assist in boosting the Yahoo, Google and Bingranking. All these factors can help the company to increase productivity.Macey will not have to take any hassle to train their workers. Thesoftware is relatively easy to use. Macey's will have to link the software to theGoogle account.Lightspeed Retails usage limitationsLightspeed Retails has some advanced features as well. If they wantadvanced features they have to pay for to avail those extra benefits. Besidesthat, they have to pay charges on the monthly or yearly basis to use thesoftware3. Though the charges they have to pay is quite high compared to theother retail software or Vend software, they can be assured that theirproductivity will get increased and they can get long-term benefits.Drawbacks of Vend softwareVend has multiple drawbacks, it cannot handle cash account; datareporting is not possible via Vend software. The inventory request cannot besent to the suppliers, there are no employee management functionalities, thesoftware processes sales if the item is not available in the stock.Investigative TechniqueThe hypothesis will be proved with the aid of the survey and literaturereview. There are numerous enterprises that are using the Lightspeed Retails4.The reviews from the enterprises’ representatives will help to know the benefitsthat Macey’s can get adopting the Lightspeed Retails software.People and ResourcesThe manager and CEO of the enterprises all around the world havereviewed Lightspeed Retails out of which reviews of five representatives fromfive different enterprises have been taken into consideration here. Helen Benge,manager of Niche Food and Drink, Chris Durkin, General Manager of Leica Store,Norbert Swierad, Operations Manager of Absurd Bird, Philip Start, founder of MrStart and Jason Rowe, Managing Director of Rub Smokehouse have beenchosen.3Carey, T., 2014. The best online brokers of 2014.Barron’s. Accessed: January,26, p.2016.4Sood, Tulika. "Services Marketing: A Sector of the Current Millennium." InStrategic Marketing Managementand Tactics in the Service Industry, pp. 15-42. IGI Global, 2017.2
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