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Assessment 1The Danone website has low credibility for several reasons. First, the Danone website on1,000days content lacks verifiability. The content contains several statements that are not directlycited for referencing. The statements lack in-text citation that can direct a reader interested toverifying the information or further reading to original research. Lack of in text citation deniesacknowledgement of original researcher work (Zhao, Cappello, & Johnston, 2017). Secondly, thetime of publication or last update is not indicated. The nutrition information keeps on evolvingthat make old information absolute (Rowe & Alexander, 2017).The content can therefore not becredible on basis of time. Thirdly, the references used at the end of the content are not the latestresearch. All the references are more than 5 years old with one more than 10 year old. Thisshows that the literature reviewed for the content is old and there is better up-to-date literature onthe topic. Another reason for low credibility is that the content is not comprehensive. The contenton the website does not provide links for further reading or detailed guide to other sources ofpregnancy nutrition (Diviani, & Meppelink, 2017).The content on Danone nutricia on nutritioncan be said thin, outdated and statements are not acknowledged directly to authors through in-text citations.
Assessment 2Similarities and differences between Danone Website and Ministry of Health Websiterecommendation on food Intake during pregnancy;Danone WebsiteMinistry of Health New Zealand Website3 Vegetable serving4 vegetable serving2.5 milk and milk products serving3 milk and milk products serving8.5 Grains serving6 Grain Servings3.5 Lean meat, legumes, chicken, eggs andseafood serving2 Lean meat, legumes, chicken, eggs andseafood serving per day2 Fruits Serving2 fruits servingDrink 9 glasses of waterAt least 9 cups of fluidRecommends 400microgram of folic acid atleast 4 weeks to pregnancy and 3 months whilepregnant.Taking 0.8 milligram/800microgram of folicacid tablet for 1 month before pregnancy and12 weeks after pregnancy.Recommends 150ug of iodine every daythroughout the pregnancyTaking 150micrograms/0.150 milligram iodineduring pregnancy and breastfeeding.Assessment 3I would not recommend Danone website to a pregnant woman. The Danone websiterecommendations differ with the Ministry of Health New Zealand. The number of servings perday differs by more than one unit. For instance, Danone website recommends 6 servings forgrains while the government websites recommends 8.5 servings that has 2.5 serving variance.This shows that using the website as a point of reference can have implication to the expectantmother as a result of increased uptake. Secondly, the information in Danone website is not linkedto it sources. There are no direct links for further reading and in-text citations made to statementsin the content that reduce facts traceability (Rekik, Kallel, Casillas, & Alimi, 2018).Thirdly, the
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