CS115: Foundations of a Bible-based Christ-centered Worldview

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1BIBLE-BASED CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEW1.The first reading describes the identity of God and the logic of faith in trinity. Initially the authordescribes the existence of God and the popular view regarding his identity. The description of theGod’s identity in the Holy Bible is multifaceted andsomehow complex. The author has criticallyanalyzed God’s existence as a person in trinity. To him, the holy trinity can be seen as thecooperative work of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is to provide the people eternal life.Godprovides the salvation to us through Jesus. Author here has described various sources that refer totrinity and established the connection among the three. Christianity says that Jesus, the son ofGod was conceived by Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit and at the time of his Baptism thisHoly Spirit descended on him. After the crucifixion, Jesus again received the Holy Spirit andpoured forth it to his disciples. The author has referred Jesus, his father’s agent in act of creation.To the author, God is inseparable but three distinct people. This book refers to the arguments thatevolved with the explanation of Trinity. Some people do not assign with the Christian doctrine ofTrinity and alter the verses. Some believes that if Jesus saves people from sin then he himself isthe God. Finally, the author has explained the doctrine of Trinity from the salvation perspective.The book describes the name and identity of God changes according to his role. His name isJesus when he saves people from their sins. In the stories of Jesus, God is again described as hisheavenly father, and Holy Spirit that came from father and rested on Jesus. There comes the ideaof holy trinity but the Bible does not give any reference to the doctrine Holy Trinity. In Bible,there is only one God, the creator but throughout the New Testament, the term Trinity could befound. In this book, the idea of Holy Trinity has been established but there is no reference ofthree separate Gods but again book of Genesis records the use of first person plural where Godrefers himself as ‘us’ and creation of human being in ‘our’ image. the argument becomes more
2BIBLE-BASED CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEWintense when the Heretics started to alter the verses and eliminated the Holy spirit and Jesus asno divine but subordinate to God, which challenged the base of Biblical theology. Finally, theBible says that salvation belongs to God, who can only restore his fallen creation and give a newlife as well as purpose. Trinity is the medium that help people to reach God.I found the discussion as a step-by-step guide to understand the idea of trinity. I understood thatthe purpose of theology is to explore the logic of faith and then to develop the logic faithfully. Asthe author described, the Holy bible is like an ultimate map that guide us to Trinity enables tobetter understanding of Christian life and salvation. From my perspective, Salvation can becomprehended from the context of trinity more clearly than forgiveness and relief of guiltconcept.2.The author has realized that most of the people are convinced that whatever they think and sayare unique and purely original. They do not realize that they are trapped in an echo chamber.Whatever they think to be their own and original, are merely the summaries of other’sphilosophies. Thus, the actual invitation of God is often missed. The path of Jesus is to love andservice to others that leads to maturity and courage to overcome hurdles. People often hope thattheir long service to God will be marked distinctively and they will share the greatness of God.He has created human to be creative and servant hood leads to wholeness. Human being will findintegration and harmony of life with God’s creation. Without his guidance, nobody can beperfect but one will have capacity to endure sorrow.To the author, the real value of thinking is to be free from every prejudice and compromise. Thisfreethinking does not mean isolation from any other ideas. It refers to enhance self-awareness
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