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Bid Taxi Service Sample Assignment

Added on - 19 Apr 2021

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Running head: BID TAXI SERVICEBID TAXI SERVICEName of Student:Name of University:Author note
1BIDTAXI SERVICEIntroductionConsidering the recent scenario, where public transport system is over burdenedwith huge number of travelers it is necessary to outline a solution for coping up with thelarge number of city dwellers. Daily passengers are found struggling to find a cab toreach their destined location, thus increasing the dependence on private vehicles(Stiglic et al., 2015). The Bid taxi aims to facilitate the ride-sharing services in the city.The BidTaxi aims to improvise the existing cab system. Apart from allowing customersto avail pre-paid services, BidTaxi utilizes bidding services for the prescribed rides. Thetaxi service given by the BidTaxi incorporates a system where a customer could enterhis/her pick up location and the destination location. This gets broadcasted to theBidTaxi drivers who could then bid for the passengers. The customer and driver couldavail the necessary information such as cost estimation, routes and required time withthe help of the BidTaxi mobile application or through the BidTaxi website. The customerwill be reverted back within ten minutes. The system will keep a track on the entirejourney of the traveler and the customers have to make the necessary payments oncethey reach their destined location (Stiglic et al., 2015). This report mainly discusses theadvantages that the BidTaxi service can provide to the present date city dwellers andfocuses on the fact that why it is essential to incorporate such services in publictransportation.
2BIDTAXI SERVICEWhy should one opt for BidTaxi service?Secure and SaferIn normal taxi booking services it is mostly seen that the travelers are notsatisfied with the rides. There is no option for the customer to file a complaint or availcompensation for poor service but in case of the BidTaxi, the drivers are required to becertified. Other than that, each of the vehicles of the BidTaxi is strictly checkedbeforehand for the purpose of road worthiness. Thus, there lies very less chance ofmishap during the journey. BidTaxi services can ensure their customer’s safety andcomfort during the journey period (Ma, Zheng & Wolfson, 2013). Such improvedservices will attract more people to opt for carpooling rather than using their personalvehicles.Considering the present date pollution rate it is essential to reduce the emissionsdue to vehicles. Such ride-sharing could reduce the number of private vehicles on themain roads. One of the main reasons for heavy traffic in some cities is the unavailabilityof the car parking; if people choose to ridesharing rather than using private vehicle thiscan reduce congestion up to some extent (Furuhata et al., 2013). As per the reports ofthe surveys, the overall percentage of greenhouse gas emission can fall down if peopleswitch to ride-sharing (Johnson, 2015). It is essential that the governing bodies of thecity should enact plans so that the customers have a wider option of selecting the modeof transport because that could reduce the number of vehicles in the city. BidTaxi withits much secured and safer services have a potential to attract a number of travelers. Atypical four-wheeler vehicle emits nearly 4.7 metric tons of CO2every year (Seinfeldn &Pandis, 2016). Considering this huge amount of emission it is necessary that more and
3BIDTAXI SERVICEmore people is encouraged to opt for public transportation system. Incorporation of theBidTaxi service to the public transport system can make the transportation systemhassle free for the everyday passengers. The concept of ride-sharing will increase thereusability of the vehicles thus reducing the number of vehicles in the cities. Thus, ride-sharing can be effective in reducing the pollution rate up to some extent.Simpler and faster mode of serviceIn the recent times, it can be seen that Smart phones have became the part andparcel of the city dwellers. Keeping this context in mind, the BidTaxi enable itscustomers to avail the services through mobile applications or through the officialwebsite of the BidTaxi, thus providing the customers with easier access to thecarpooling service. The customer could book the ride by inserting the name of thedestination location and all the necessary information regarding the ride will bedisplayed in their smart phones (Goel, Kulik & Ramamohanarao, 2017). In order toensure a pleasant journey it is essential that the rider and the driver maintain a cordialrelationship. Keeping this context in mind, the BidTaxi also allows the driver as well asthe customer to rate or comment about each other. In other words, the BidTaxi have aninbuilt system for star-rating which will appear in the online IDs of both the customer andthe driver. In case the driver is given a poor rating he/she could get a scope forimproving. The existing ride-sharing models in the market are mainly customer-centric,which means their main focus is to gain customer satisfaction but in the case of BidTaxithe view of the drivers are also taken into account, even they are given chance to giveratings regarding the customer (Cici et al., 2013). The BidTaxi ride-sharing services aresupposed to be of two-sided nature which includes the passengers and the drivers. The
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